picture of a jerkface black cat lounging in the author's papasan chair, willing to do battle to anyo...
Courtesy of Cat Bowen

25 National Cat Day Memes To Celebrate The Humor & Dramatics Of Cats

I have two cats, and I love them dearly, even if I am relatively sure they are plotting my death. With Oct. 29 being National Cat Day (but really, what day isn't cat day?), I thought I'd honor my furry friends by compiling the best National Cat Day memes that really get at what living with a cat is like.

There are tons of famous meme cats out there, beginning with the most famous Grumpy Cat (rest in treats) all the way to Lil' Bub. Cat memes are easily some of the most popular memes out there, and for good reason. Cats are lovable, wonderful, adorable, tiny little jerkface predators who rule the house, leave fur on absolutely everything, and really don't care what you think of them.

If cats were able to ask for royalties for their likenesses being used to create humorous captioned photos on the internet, you'd better believe they would sue you for the rights. Loudly. And they would announce their displeasure every day at the same time — somewhere between zero dark thirty and 6 a.m. Thankfully, they do not have this ability, and we are merely forced to do their bidding, clean up their soiled litter, feed them before we wake up fully, and scratch their heads precisely four times before they bite us.



This also works for when you accidentally open the front facing camera when you aren't expecting to. That is legit never a good look.


Been there

Don't be suspicious. No one will notice.

To be fair, after breastfeeding for years, it's not hard to just lean over slightly to cover everything up.


I'm Sorry, What?

It's called "revenge," Fluffy. Look it up.


I Feel Seen

I don't need to see snowflakes in stores until Nov. 1. Any earlier and I may riot. It's the natural order of things. It's like seeing back-to-school ads before school has even let out.


They're So Emotional

Memes are just the way I express myself, Karen. They really help me. Look at that cat. That cat is me, Karen. That cat is me.


That Smile

It will get you every time. Melt you into a pile of goo.



How much worse is this if you work from home? Asking for a friend.


They Love A Good Disaster

If I had a dollar for every cup my cat has purposefully knocked over, I'd still be in the negative because they break and cost money.


Every. Single. Time.

My cats are black and therefore blend in with the darkness. They use this to their advantage by nearly killing me several times per week.


9 Out Of 10 Memes Agree

It's always that one guy.


But I'm Not Wearing Shorts

It's the fall. No one will notice, right?


Why Are They So Picky?


I'm Not That Brave

That cat will cut someone.



Do we even know what that dot is doing? Is it a megalodot? Quick, someone alert the History Channel.



Me and this cat? Our attitudes align.


They're Ambitious

The cutest darned bat I've ever seen in my life.


Calling All Introverts

We want you to want to include us, yet we don't want to include ourselves.


Excuse Me

No, I am a god. I thought that was obvious.


Cats & Babies Always Win

Someday, you will. I am confident that you will catch it.


Where's The Lie?

We would have nothing left. It would all be floating in the cold abyss of the beyond.


I Would Join This Army

Not going to lie, this looks like the best army that anyone could hope for.


I'm Hangry

Second dinner is like second breakfast, but for night owls.


Give It To 'Em

Deep musical theatre meme. I appreciate that this is a very large cat, but that razzle dazzle is more powerful than you think. It's a show that is so splendiferous, row after row they'll grow vociferous.


The. Best.

How long did this even take?