25 Parenting Tweets About Baby Poop That You Can Totally Relate To


Being a parent has got to be one of life's biggest thrills. I mean, you get to see a little person grow into an adult and experience life with them as they do it. From love to success, you literally experience it all and deal with every single thing that comes your way while doing it. As I scroll through my Twitter feed every week, I notice that the things parents deal with are intense. Even more intense are the cringe worthy parenting tweets about baby poop that pop up and ruin my thoughts on children all together.

Though I'm super grateful that my niece is here, I'm even more grateful that my sister has never asked me to change one of the massive poop pampers. Of course, I've changed it before, but when I look at some of the things that parents tweet about or even recall some of the instances my sister told me about, I'm just thankful I haven't experienced it first hand.

I used to think that baby poop was just constricted to the diaper, but after my sister told me about the time my she found my niece playing in her poop on the bathroom floor, I instantly knew that it wasn't time for me to give birth to a kid anytime soon.

So, for all of those moms out there that have the strength to deal with those poopy days, I truly salute you. And, if you've ever felt that you were alone in your baby's bowel movement chronicles, here are 25 tweets that will definitely prove differently.

1. Anywhere, But Here

Is this really real life?

2. Prayers Up

Please don't ruin your nice clothes.

3. Poop Life

Valid reasoning.

4. Baby Steps

Every step counts, right?

5. Crooked Smiles

She got the smell from him, too.

6. Marketing Genius

If there's a will, there's a way.

7. Double Time

Anything is possible if you just believe.

8. Greek Yogurt

Wait, what?

9. Relaxing

Or nah...

10. What Is Gravity?

Clearly, baby poop doesn't care what it is.

11. Torture

It comes in so many forms.

12. Multitasking

Fist pump for the win.

13. A Big Poop

Let's grow together.

14. Boss Toddler

Is this a makeover or what?

15. Get Well Soon

It's the little things.

16. Invisibility

Questions that need answers.

17. Poop Everywhere


18. Kid Goals

At least she knows to press pause.

19. Conversations In McDonald's

Keep 'em clean, kid.

20. Age Appropriation


21. Comfy Cleanse

Whoever left it there must have had a comfy cleanse, too.

22. Crazy Nights

Can we just not do this?

23. Real Life Issues

Welcome to life as we know it.

24. Diaper Fill

Does anyone else need a break?

25. So Long

Delivering a proper send off is crucial.