25 Parenting Tweets That Actually Offer Moms & Dads Some Serious Advice


Over the years, I've discovered that being a parent isn't as easy as non-parents think it is. Though those of us without children tend to think that stopping a child from crying or even getting them to act right in a store is as easy as verbalizing it, seeing my sister and even my friends experience parenthood have made me think differently. Since I plan to have my own set of little ones sooner than later, I'm always looking for advice to get me prepared. Surprisingly, I've found some parenting tweets that actually have some serious advice to help me do that.

Although I've always been told that you can't take advice from everyone when it comes to the way you parent, I do think that there's something that you can learn from everyone when it comes to raising a child. Sure, not everything works for everyone, but there will always be at least one parent who has experienced what you're going through with your child. While Twitter may be a place for laughs and jokes, you can also find a few parents that are willing to share some useful knowledge for the parenting clan around the world.

Want to see what info the other Twitter parents are dishing out? These 25 tweets should be some that you mark down for the future.

1. Bonding Time


2. Closing Time

Best idea ever.

3. Can We Pretend?

Smart thinking.

4. Instructions

Kids are smarter than you realize.

5. Late Night Diaper Creep

Dad saves the day.

6. Singing Sons

Very true.

7. Food Frenzy

I would eat all the waffles, too.

8. Keep Out

There has never been a truer tweet than this.

9. Morale Booster

They'll love it.

10. Parenting Techniques

Be mindful.

11. Let Them Eat

*Pulls out notebook and pen*

12. Train Yourself

Maybe you'll be able to keep something for yourself.

13. Ready To Roll

Just make sure there aren't any accidents happening at night.

14. Don't Let It Dry

Delayed cleaning will make it difficult.

15. Hidden Figures

It's OK to be a little nosy.

16. Packing

No more last-minute packing.

17. Turn Up The Heat

Remember this.

18. Alleviate Arguments

No more headaches over who's getting what juice.

19. Venting Time

Try it out and see how well it works.

20. WiFi Cutoff

This is genius.

21. Choose Wisely

You'll know if you like the name quicker than you thought.

22. Growing Fast

Kids grow so quick, so buy a few sizes up to avoid wasting money.

23. Changing Tables

Keep this in mind.

24. Pigtail Game

It takes time, but doing it now will save you in the future.

25. Chalkboard Chronicles

A great way to help them develop.