25 Parenting Tweets That Will Give You All The Feels Possible


Whether you're a new parent or have children who are fully grown, you understand that parenting can bring out some strong emotions at times. One minute your children could cause you to scream and pull your hair out, and then the next they're making you cry tears from laughing so hard. Both of which can be seen in this week's roundup of funny parenting tweets.

Parenting is just one of those things that makes you feel as if you have to be ready to change your emotions every second of the day. When I asked my mom what she loved about parenting, she simply said, "that I always have to stay on my toes." I didn't quite know what she meant by that at first, but as she explained, she revealed that she loved having to always adapt to what we felt and what we did. One minute she'd be upset with something we did and within a blink of an eye, we'd make her laugh. Simply put, parenting keeps you in your feelings all the time.

If you can relate to this statement — as many Twitter users could this past week — you'll find enjoyment in these 25 tweets pulled from parents all over the interwebs.

1. What's The Point?

Let's just tidy up a bit, shall we?

2. Kung Fu Baby

Hello, Apple? Can I report a phone in baby poop?

3. Relaxation

Keep your hands off of me, please.

4. Nap Time

It's clearly for any time.

5. I'm A Conqueror

Where's the gold medal?

6. Shark!

Or floating poop. Whichever seems scarier.

7. A Ca-What?

They'll never understand the struggle.

8. Santa, Baby

Does Santa have an iPhone now?

9. Always

Don't disturb this groove.

10. Smart Move

Well, that solves that.

11. Just Hangin' Around

Upside down. No big deal.

12. If The Name Fits

And it definitely does.

13. Fear

You might want to wait a little while before you introduce them to Halloween.

14. Sleep Talk

The cutest.

15. I Love You, But...

Just give me a moment to myself.

16. The Big Cheese

At least you found it, right?

17. War Of Two Worlds

Brace yourself.

18. Questions

Well, do they?

19. Scaling Towers

Or counters if you're a toddler.

20. What Makes Mommy Nice?

More snacks, apparently.

21. Love

It's what we need more of.

22. There's Never A Right Time

Take it when you can.

23. Diaper Days

Sometimes, you just need one.

24. You Live & You Learn

Trial and error at its finest.

25. Whoever Smelt It..

...dealt it!