25 Parenting Tweets That Will Give You All The Giggles


There's nothing like spending time with kids. Whether they're your own, a part of your family, or just kids that you work with, you are almost guaranteed to have a laugh at some point every day. When the opportunity to hang around some little tykes isn't readily available, hoping on Twitter and checking out some of the funny parenting tweets might suffice. (I can confirm that they do.)

When people don't find amusement in kids, I wonder if they're really human. I mean, what isn't funny about a kid still living in the most innocent and imaginative times? Not only is it humorous, it's a kind reminder of just how great our lives once were because we too used our imaginations. Even for those non-parents — like myself — checking out some tweets about kids and how parenting is going for some will brighten your day, give you baby fever, or remind you just why you haven't had children yet. Regardless of the reason, you're sure to get a good, hearty laugh out of checking them out.

If searching hashtags isn't your favorite thing to do, never fret. This round up of this week's funniest tweets can be found below.

1. Real Life Besties

At least she loves it.

2. Creativity

You have to appreciate it.

3. It's Dark In Here

Try taking your shirt off, maybe?

4. Changes

You made it out alright, though.

5. Jump Start

Get them in formation early.

6. Quitting Ain't Easy

And you know this.

7. Stuck On Band-Aid Brand

'Cause Band-Aids stick on me.

8. Growing Pains

It's unavoidable.

9. Absent Minded

At least someone ate though, right?

10. Surprise Food

You got that from where?

11. Selfie Somedays

You deserve this.

12. This Is Halloween

And it's literally for everybody.

13. Perfect Timing

But did you die?

14. Warm Coffee

Well, are you tired?

15. Two Peas In A Pod

Or one mom and a magical dad.

16. No Sleep

This is real life.

17. Snacks For The Kids

Trust me, they're not found in the fridge.

18. Joking, Maybe?

Or maybe not.

19. Cookie Monster

Get in my belly.

20. Know Your Battles

Choose them wisely.

21. Thankful

Where have you been all of my life?

22. Creepy Crawlers

And no, not the bugs.

23. Nighty Night

You can try to sleep, but I doubt you will.

24. Happy Screams

Oh, that's what happiness sounds like?

25. Children Of The Corn

Who raised you?