25 Parenting Tweets To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Being a parent is an accomplishment that I haven't yet experienced. But when I see the funny parenting tweets overflow my timeline on Twitter, I can't help but anticipate those awesome moments that will come my way.

Though I don't get to see or hear her as often as I'd like, when I get to spend time with my niece, I see just how humorous having children can be. In all honesty, I'd like to think that my mom got a lot of humor out of being around my siblings and I when we were younger. Sure, kids can be a lot to handle. But giving them the opportunity to be and express themselves will prove that they are so much fun to be around.

Being able to see your children in their true form will remind you that you're doing a great job at raising them, and that no matter how much you feel like you're not nailing it, you really are. If parents are able to laugh at themselves when they make mistakes, it'll make it easier for your children to understand that one bad thing that happens won't end the world.

If you need a little laughter to get you through the weekend, try taking a look at these 25 tweets for some help.

1If You Know Enough

Write a book about it all.

2Baby Fever

Fo' real.

3Statistically Speaking

How much of it is right?

4Never Gets Old

Stay ready.

5Health Kicks

Being healthy pays off.

6All You Gotta Do Is Say 'Yes'

Winner, winner!

7Time Knows No One

But at least it's done, right?

8Limited Edition

Nothing is off limits.

9No Judgement

No one has to know.

10Forget Me Nots

There's no winning with kids.

11Lost In Translation

"It ran away," seems like a legit excuse.

12Party Time

Sounds like a better option.

13Gifts For You

Everyone takes an "L" sometimes.

14Pray Before You Lay

Some prayer is better than no prayer, right?

15Math Nerd

You know who was at the top of their class.

16Clean Up

Just make it happen already.

17What's The Difference?

No one knows.

18Keeping It Real

Let's just be honest.

19What's That Smell?

Oh, did I leave that there?


Life with a teenager.

21Parent Win

Look at God.

22Know It All

This isn't your first time with Sofia, obviously.

23Scary Moments

Who's the monster, here?

24Say What You Mean

...and mean what you say.

25Coming Soon

Best seller right here.