25 Royal Family Easter Photos That Feature Fancy Hats & Pastel Looks

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There's a lot to celebrate around Easter time, regardless of your religious views. Not least of which is the amazing selection of seasonal dresses that come out just in time for the special day. Across the pond, the royals have perfected the art of dressing up for the occasion and the many royal family Easter photos taken over the years will have you dressing in pastels and shopping for fancy hats in no time.

While many of us are chowing down on chocolate, taking family photos around a giant rabbit, and looking for eggs in a field, the royal family has its own set of traditions for Easter that call for a bit more formal attire. Everyone available to celebrate together meets at Windsor Castle in the morning to head to church services together at St. George's Chapel. From there, the Queen usually participates in some sort of charitable outreach, such as visiting with schoolchildren, Town & Country has explained. Several of the royal palaces have held egg hunts and painting workshops in celebration of the holiday, but they are not traditions set in stone.

However, the Queen's celebration of the Easter season begins a few days before that Sunday service. Every year, on the Thursday before Easter, the Queen travels to different cathedrals across the country to distribute "Maudy Monday" to men and women in celebration of their efforts for church and community. These special coins have been distributed in England since 600 AD and the tradition lives on.

In light of current events in 2020, however, Easter at Windsor Castle will likely be a bit more low-key this year. But fear not, these photos of royal family members dressed to the nines are the perfect cure to any FOMO you may be experiencing.

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