25 Short Baby Boy Names That Are Big On Personality


Naming your kid is always a big decision, but you don’t have to choose anything super complicated. Sometimes short and simple is the way to go. With this in mind, the short baby boy names that are big on personality are for you. As a bonus, your kid will be able to write his signature super fast one day.

Whether you like classic, unusual, geeky, or just plain cool baby names, there's a short boy's name sure to appeal to you. And as it turns out, shorter names are always a good choice, at least according to baby name experts. "Keep it short and simple. A name should not feel crowded, or be difficult to spell or pronounce. It must be striking, yes, but also sound natural — and not a word that you have simply created to be different," said Marc Hauser, the founder and managing director of baby naming company Erfolgswelle, in The Telegraph. If short names are favored by baby-naming experts, then you're probably making a great choice by keeping it brief. Really, it makes sense to give your kid a name that's going to serve, instead of burden, him throughout life. Read on to find the quick name that works for you and your growing family.

1. Alex

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As far as short, strong names are concerned, this one is a classic. The name Alex means protector of mankind, as explained in She Knows. It's ideal for your future superhero.

2. Andre

A variation of the name Andrew, this is another great choice. Plus, the name Andre means manly, as explained in Baby Center. So that's fun.

3. Axel

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It's the perfect name for any future rock star. Your kid is basically guaranteed to be awesome.

4. Blake

It's such a strong name. Plus, the name Blake means dark or fair, as noted in Baby Center.

5. Bryce

This is a cool Anglo-Saxon name that means son of a nobleman, as explained in She Knows. Even if you aren't descended from nobility, it's still a cool name.

6. Carl

This name needs way more popularity.

7. Cole

Another name meaning victory, Cole is definitely poised for more popularity, as noted in Baby Center.

8. Dan

You can't go wrong with the name Dan. It's a classic.

9. Eli

You can stick with this cool spelling, or choose the more unusual version of Elys.

10. Jan

A Scandinavian name, Jan is gaining popularity outside the US, as noted in Baby Center.

11. John

Don't forget the classics. John is a well-loved name for a reason.

12. Levi

Sure, it might make you think about blue jeans. But the name Levi means joined in harmony, as explained on Baby Center.

13. Luke

OK, so there's a pretty strong connection to the Star Wars franchise with this name. It's still an excellent choice.

14. Mark

Mark is a Latin baby name that means hammer, which is super cool, as noted in She Knows.

15. Max

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Whether it's a nickname or a shortened version of Maxwell, it's a fantastic name.

16. Nate

A shortened version of Nathan, this is a fabulous nickname.

17. Oscar

Why not name your kid after one of the most coveted prizes in the world?

18. Seth

This brief name has Hebrew and Egyptian roots, as noted in She Knows.

19. Stone

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It's such a solid name (no pun intended). It's especially perfect if you're an outdoorsy type.

20. Trey

It's an ultimate cool-guy name. Meaning three, it's a fun name for your third child, as noted in Baby Center.


A more unusual choice, the name Tye means from the enclosure, as explained in She Knows. Hopefully this doesn't predict a future full of crib escapes, though.

22. Val

If you're a fan of action movies, then this might be the perfect name.

23. Vince

This name has always sounded so romantic to me. But it turns out the name Vince means conqueror or victor, as explained in Baby Center. It's a pretty intense name after all.

24. Wade

I love this name even though it's kind of rare. The name Wade means moving, as noted in She Knows. Could there be a better choice for your little one?

25. Zach

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Naming your kid after a '90s heartthrob is a brilliant move. Hey, take inspiration wherever you can find it.