25 Tattoos For Moms Who Want To Embrace The Ink

by Lauren Schumacker

Whether or not you want to get a tattoo is ultimately a personal decision. You might think that you don't want to, but, over time, you might decide that you actually do want to commemorate a person, value, place, or memory with a tattoo. Many people have all kinds of ideas about tattoos, and if you're a mom that has one, you've probably heard some of those opinions before, but the only one that really matters is yours. If childbirth or your growing family changes your feelings on tattoos or just inspires you to get another, these tattoos for moms may similarly inspire you.

There are tons of different options when it comes to a tattoo that's meant to say something about your child or family and you can get really creative if you'd like. Sure, names, birth dates, handprints, and footprints are all excellent options, but if you're looking for something that people won't automatically know is a tattoo for your child, there are plenty of options out there for you as well. From birth stones to birth flowers to lesser-known stats than your baby's birthday and so much more, you can be as obvious or as subtle as you'd like to be. Being a mom is a big deal and getting a tattoo can be just the way for you to commemorate that part of your life.


A Footprint

Footprints are always good ideas when it comes to tattoos for your babies. If you're not sure how to get a good footprint, you can always bring in your baby's birth certificate and see if your tattoo artist can potentially copy it from there.


A Quote

A significant, meaningful quote about family, motherhood, or children might be more your style. If you choose something that you personally love, it'll make it all the more special.


A Character From Your Favorite Book

Do you or your kids have an all-time favorite children's book character? Memorializing that character in tattoo form can be one way to design a tattoo that more subtly references your little ones.


Your Baby's Heartbeat

Heartbeats are popular tattoos and for good reason — they feel so personal and special. If you have a printout of your baby's heartbeat, a tattoo artist should be able to use that to design your tattoo.


A Handprint

Just like footprints, handprints are also popular choices. While it might be hard to get a good baby handprint, the resulting tattoo is well-worth the effort.


Your Favorite Childhood Toy

If you or your kids have a favorite childhood game, that could also be a good tattoo choice. It'll always remind you of the memories and bond you share with them as a result of playing together.


Something Significant From Your Baby's Birthday

If you're looking for a way to commemorate your baby's birthday without using their actual birthday, a birth stone or birth flower might be a good option. Sure, people might not know exactly why you have it, but maybe that just makes it more special.


A Word That Captures Motherhood For You

Maybe you have one specific word that you just think sums up your experience with motherhood (or, at least, your experience thus far). That can also make a good mom tattoo. Again, people may not immediately know or understand why you have that specific tattoo, but you'll know and it'll be important to you (which is the whole point, anyway).


Your Baby's Fingerprint

If foot or handprints aren't really your thing, maybe consider a thumbprint. It might be an especially good option if you are concerned that some of the others might be larger than you'd like. Of course, you can make the thumbprint tattoo quite large as well, but it's maybe more conducive to being smaller if that's what you're looking for.


A Quote About Motherhood

Being a mom is life-changing, there's no doubt about it. If there's a quote about motherhood that speaks to you, that can make an excellent tattoo.


A Quote About The Type Of Person You Want Your Child To Be

Quotes are good options because while they can mean an awful lot, you don't actually have to come up with the words to say yourself. A quote about the kind of person you want your baby to grow up to be can make for a very poignant and meaningful tattoo.


A Family Symbol

Does your family have a symbol that means something special to them? Maybe it's a triangle because there are three of you, for example. That symbol can make for a meaningful tattoo, as well. It'll remind you of them each time you catch of glimpse of your tattoo.


A Family Tree

There's nothing that quite screams "family" like a family tree. You can make a special family tree tattoo as large or small and intricate or simple as you'd like. Add names or initials or just get the tree, it's up to you.


Something That Includes All Your Kids

If you have more than one kid, you might want a tattoo that includes all of them, whether it's their names, birthdates, symbols, or something else. The exact design can be nearly anything you'd like it to be, but including each of your kids means the tattoo is extra-special.


A Symbol For Your Child's Name

Another option for a very subtle tattoo is to get a symbol for your child's name or nickname. If you called them by an animal's name, a flower, or something else that clearly has meaning to you, immortalize that in tattoo form.


The Time Of Your Baby's Birth

While birth stats like date of birth, weight, and length are common, if you're looking for something a little bit more unusual, but still similar, you might want to consider their time of birth. People might not even know that's what the tattoo is unless you tell them.


Your Kids' Names

This is an old standby, but you can't go wrong with just doing your kids' names. If you want to do something more, adding a favorite symbol is good way to make it more personalized.


Part Of Your Kid's Favorite Lullaby

Bedtime can be special times between parents and babies and if you have a nightly tradition, that can, in particular, become a special memory for both you and your kids. Incorporating your nightly lullaby can make your tattoo super meaningful.


A Symbol For Motherhood

Some moms feel connected to symbols that represent their baby or their role as a mom. If you're one of them, consider getting it done in tattoo form. Celtic knots, if you're Irish (or if you're not), for example, are often used for tattoos about motherhood or family.


'Mom' In A Language That's Significant To You

If there's a language other than English that's significant to you, perhaps you'd want to get a tattoo of the word "mom" or "mother" in that language. Whether everyone else knows what it means or not is irrelevant. It's important to you.


Mom And Child Pairs

If you're considering a tattoo that'll include all of your children, why not take it a step further and also include yourself in the design? Mother and child designs are so sweet and can be very meaningful to both mom and child (you know, when they're older).



Initials are, of course, tinier than a full name and they can also be a bit simpler. If a full name is too much for you, maybe you'd want to consider doing something with your kids' or family members' initials instead.


An Important Family Number

If your family has a number that's especially significant, why not add that into your tattoo design or make it the entirety of a extra-simple tattoo? If the number five means something to you, the tattooed version can be an ever-present reminder.


Your Kid's Artwork

Kids are only kids for so long. If you want something truly unique, let your child design your tattoo. Bring their artwork with you to the tattoo parlor and ask the artist to copy it, if possible.


Your Kid's Handwriting

If your kid isn't all that artistically inclined, you can have them write something and bring that with you to the tattoo parlor. You'll never forget their sweet script when it's looking up at you forever.

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