25 Tweets About Marriage That Any Couple Can Understand


In my opinion, marriage is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Though I'm not married, I've seen my sister's marriage and consider her partnership a real relationship goal. Not because she and her husband matching flashy items or go on lavish trips, but because they truly enjoy and love each other. That's why when I see tweets about marriage, it's easy for me to somewhat relate.

Being married isn't always a fun time, as anyone who has talked to a couple or watched a sit-com knows. There are bound to be bumps along the way, and some may even have you questioning if your marriage is going to last. But if you and your partner are still able to smile through the storms, then you have something special. And that's what makes these relationship tweets all the more relatable. They highlight the highs and lows of marriage, and show that true love — the kind that some people spend their lives dreaming of — does exist. It just take a little bit of work.

From sharing poop stories with your husband to leaving love notes for your wife, these 25 tweets will be relatable for any couple out there.

1Keep It Moving

True life.

2What You Doin?

Gross factor is on level 100.


Every couple needs this.

4Squeaky Visitor

Because, kids.

5Have Faith

Simple, solid advice.

6Quality Time



Make your marriage your priority.

8Young & Fun

It's real out here.

9Who's The Boss?

How cruel.

10Instant Inconvenience

I see no lies.

11Married A Genius

Relax and take notes.


Sanitize the paper before giving it back.

13Healthy Marriages


14Return Policy

But can you put one on hold?

15Teach You A Lesson

Wrinkles, galore.

16Sacrificed Wife

How nice. . . NOT.

17Deal Or No Deal

Go on out, honey.

18Hair Thing

Only for the wife.

19Cheese & Crackers

Make your own plate.

20Last Text

Or was it Wendy's?

21Exciting Day

Ha. Try again.

22That Good Good

Pass that.

23True Love

Don't you love it that you can just be yourself?

24Be Healthy?

This is valid.

25Netflix & Bed

Talk about multitasking.