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25 Tweets About Meal Planning That Will Make You Cry Into Your Grocery List

by Cat Bowen
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I love meal planning, but I do it in fits and starts. Sometimes I'll go months planning each meal for my family, and sometimes, it's the opposite. It's great for budgeting, but it's also a huge hassle. Apparently, I'm not alone. I found a ton of tweets about meal planning that are so relatable to anyone out there trying to feed a family, or even just themselves.

My biggest problem with meal planning is that I tend to freak out over the recipes. Because I don't want to make the same things over and over again, I've scoured food blogs, magazines, and cookbooks to find new and interesting recipes. My own years as a food blogger have been a huge help when it comes to meal planning and the prep required to feed my family. Thankfully, I've built a pretty good system, and have about 75 meals in my Google Keep that I can swap out depending upon what's on sale. (Google Keep is your friend.) However, I still spend plenty of time with my old pals Jacques Pepin and Ina Garten, because The Barefoot Contessa knows what's up. And so do these tweets. Meal planning is... a lot of work.


No, You Won't

I will or I will not do any of these during any given week. Water and meditation and meal planning? Seems like a lot for one week.


It's Not Giving Up If You Put Frozen Pizza On The List

That's not giving up, that's knowing yourself. I am here for it. I support you. I see you. I write "delivery" on my list, friend.


We Are The Same

Listen, you need something to soak up the gin, it might as well be garlic bread. You've got the juniper flavor from the gin, the piquant bite of garlic, and a bucket of regret. It's OK, I get it.


We All Know At Least One

OK, so maybe I'm not one to talk, as I just admitted to having a super organized set of files based around meal planning and prep, but mine have zero aesthetic qualities.

But after seeing this...


Been There

Dang it, child, don't you understand how I deliberate over your meals? Will it be a grilled cheese on an English muffin or a grilled cheese on a bagel?


Capitalist Dreams

Maybe don't base the meal planning business on Enron's model, but legit, it can make you feel like a superstar.


10/10 Would Try

It's a vegetable, right? Either way, it's delicious, and sometimes the best my kids are going to get. Mama is tired.


I Don't Make The News, I Just Report It

Man, if my husband learned to cook, what a life that would be. He's amazing in so many ways, but that man can not cook even a little. Uncool.


It *Is* So Hard

Getting it done is a huge pain in the butt, and this cartoon just fits. I'll take a large pepperoni with jalapeno, please.


Asking For A Friend

It counts, right?



If you do it right.


Pregnancy Truths

For me it was hot sauce, oranges, and almonds (not together), but those cravings cannot be quieted. Thank heavens for Costco's huge portion sizes.


It Actually Is

Actual, real torture. Sometimes, I stare at my plan thinking, "why on earth did you pick that for the middle of the week?" I want to slap myself.


Unpaid Labor For Sure

It's one of those activities that goes largely missed by those who benefit from it. It's frustrating.


It's Exhausting

As someone who loves to plan and yet, hates to plan, I feel this deeply.


You Made The Plan...

You plan to eat later, you do eat later, that's meal planning.


The Waiting Is The Hardest

Every time I make a huge batch of bread or Spanish rice for the week, I want to dive in head first and eat my way out.


Tailgating Got You Like

Tailgating is a meal. And a snack. And another meal.


Good Leftovers, Though

I think this is the best part of meal planning. My kids get the best lunches from it.


Fantastic Point

Thank you, Wendi. I couldn't agree more. Meal planning sites put these choices for every third meal it seems.


It's Still 90 Degrees Fahrenheit In Brooklyn

It's still really hot. My oven is not getting turned on.


The Fluffy Bunny Approach

If you toast them, it's a hot meal.


Please Make It An App

Sometimes I feel like I can just pull out my prep boxes and throw in handfuls of whatever and make a meal.


Meat & Potatoes Diet

Every time. He'll still lose 15 pounds before I lose one.


I Feel Seen

Hello, are you me?

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