25 Tweets About Toddlers That Any Parent Can Understand


One of the greatest joys of my current life is having a toddler niece. Not to say I didn't enjoy her when she was a baby but, to be quite honest, having her as a toddler is so much cooler. From being able to hold intriguing conversations to hearing her make outfit decisions, I'm convinced that having a toddler around makes going through sleepless nights with them as a baby so much more worth it. Though I get to experience all the cool moments as an aunt, when I check out the parenting tweets about toddlers, I notice that there are some moments that I don't get to experience — and I'm not too mad about that.

As an aunt, I get to see my niece in her close to perfection form. Nothing she does can be seen as bad to me. She could cut off all of her mom's hair and I would still think "how cute." However, parents of toddlers (including my sister) have those moments of temper tantrums, smeared poop, and uncomfortable questions to tend to that may not be all that great to go through.

Regardless of the moments I don't experience, I still find a way to relate to the tweets that roll across my timeline from parents about their toddlers and I'm sure you will, too. So, if you need a little relatability or a chuckle, these 25 tweets will be perfect for you.

1. Bribes

Nothing wrong about this.

2. Me Not Crying

What's happening right now?

3. Drink Up

Or just fall down and cry. Whichever works.

4. Double Duty

Real life.

5. Trapped In The Stall

Worst 20 minutes ever.

6. Good Morning

Well it was until I heard why you were up.

7. Expert

They learn from the best.

8. Bedtime

Imagination on 100.

9. Toddler Made Me Do It

Whatever makes them happy.

10. Queen Of Words


11. Impossible Wishes

Hey, even Superman couldn't do everything.

12. Toddler Talk

Wait until they learn a new word next week.

13. Peek-A-Boo

Or pee-a-boo. Both work.

14. House Mom

All day, every day.

15. Random Questions

Well, are you?

16. Sweating Eyes


17. Workouts

Just make me laugh, why don't ya?

18. Blessing And A Curse

Questions that need answers.

19. Arguments

Ugh. The worst.

20. Diets That Work

If you just want cavities and hunger pains.

21. Cold Dines

This is life now.

22. Dog Doors

I am too, buddy. I am, too.

23. Wine & Cheese

Mac'n cheese that is.

24. Toddler Tub Time

Poop will usually be involved. Be prepared.

25. No Skin

Seems legit.