25 Women Share What Their Partner Could Do To Make Them Feel More Loved

The language of love is unique to each person. What makes one person feel special and loved may not matter much to another. So part of a successful relationship is learning – and giving – what makes your partner feel like they are the only one in the world for you. The one thing your significant other could do to make you feel more loved will elicit a wide variety of answers from different people, so asking the question is the first step.

Even if your relationship is going strong, and you think your partner feels loved, it can't hurt to ask them if there is anything you could do to make them feel more loved, and find out if there is something that really matters to them. It may surprise you. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our partner needs what we need, or feels how we feel, but that's often not the case.

Finding out more about your lover is one way to show them that you love them. A well-placed question can make a person feel truly cared for, so check out these responses below and think about what your own answer might be.

1Misty Dawn Newton

"Come back to earth."

2Judy Hall

"My husband is very good with all the kid-related and house-related issues, but he is often dishonest with me about financial matters because he doesn't want me to worry. I am worried anyway and I want us to be a team. Also he does some of that mansplaining crap, which I hate, and doesn't always heed my advice although in that instance I know more or have more experience. That drives me crazy and then he denies doing it."

3Monica Perez

"I would love it if he was more specific about what he appreciates in me, us and our family. Instead of [saying] 'You're a good mom,' after I tell him the kids played with salt dough, maybe something like 'I love the ways you encourage creativity in our children.'"

4Kelly Thompson

"Listen with his whole body."

5Robin Lester Abrams

"Smile more. I'm sure I should too. It's easy to be wrapped up in our thoughts with real life worries and stresses and forget to smile."

6Alison Veres

"Tell me an excellent joke."

7Elisabeth Hanscome

"Stay calm and not fall into a state of apoplexy if things don't run exactly as planned."

8Deborah Anne Lott

"Put down his cell phone. Not tell me the worst news of the day at bedtime. Hug more."

9Cheryl Goins Sabatino

"Be supportive of anything I want to do, especially when he doesn't agree."

10Susie Davis

"My hubby and I have started greeting the other enthusiastically at the door when one of us arrives home. I suggested we start this because our dog would make us feel so loved when we came home with her over the top enthusiastic greeting."

11Meghan Cleary

"Tell me I'm gorgeous."

12Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe

"Apologize after he's had one of his snitty little moods."

13Wendy Chin-Tanner

"Not check his phone in my presence."

14Chaunie Marie Brusie

"Simple touches make a difference and also when he takes a genuine interest in my work it makes me feel loved."

15Jamie Kenney

"Flowers. It sounds so corny and shallow, but whenever I look at flowers he brings me (and I usually keep them on the desk where I write) it makes me feel loved."

16Ana Cristina

"Any household chore without my having to ask. Or cooking."

17Olivia Nicole Youngs

"Spend intentional time with me."

18Stephanie BC

"Impromptu affectionate touches here or there would be nice!"

19Karen Lynch

"Rub my feet often, without me asking him."

20Karrie Higgens

"Take care of me when I'm sick."

21Jennifer Rosen Heinz

"Thank me for things that I do that otherwise go unnoticed."

22Ann Kagan

"Tell the kids how much he loves their mom."

23Sarah Daly

"Being fully present and engaged in conversation, words of affirmation, and touch. "

24Jennifer Miller

"Remember small details."

25Kathy Ault Anuszczyk

"Rather than respond defensively when I say I feel hurt by his words or actions, I wish he would respond with love and kindness and empathy immediately. He usually eventually gets there, but by then I'm upset."

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