26 Baby Names That Start With "I" & Will Ignite A Raging Baby Fever Within You

When it comes to naming your baby, there is no doubt you want something that is going to be unique, a name that will stand out from the rest — you know, something ~individual~. Set your baby apart from all the Hughs, Howies, Jacksons, and Joshes by leafing over to baby names that start with the letter "I" for some imaginative options.

If you are looking for Hebrew names, you're in luck: Isaac and Ivan are just a couple of the boys' names on offer. And if you've got tulips in your heart, Ingrid, Isla, and Isabella are a few whimsical girl names that are perfect for a spring bundle. Literature buffs might have a soft spot for Ismene, the lead character in the Greek play Antigone.

Another huge trend is naming your child after a place. Even if you don't have a passport, you can spin the globe for inspiration: there's India, Israel, Ireland, Indiana, and Ithaca to consider before you even crack open that tiny bag of pretzels on the plane. All these places are not only beautiful, but make for cute name options.

If you are looking for the lightness of a baby name starting with a vowel, and want to find something that perfectly suits your little babe, this list of "I" names and their meanings will help you choose the best of the best.


Ian has been a pretty popular boys name for a while. In 1975, this was the seventh most popular name in England. According to Nameberry, Ian is a Scottish boys name that means "the Lord is gracious." Indeed.


According to Nameberry, Iris means rainbow. What little girl doesn't want to be named after a rainbow? Anyone named Iris will always be full of luck.


Isaac is a great name for all the funny men out there. That is because according to Babycenter. Isacc means "he will laugh." This name is ranked number 38 for 2018's popular baby names.


In Hebrew, Ivan means a "Gift from God." In Greek, it means "glorious gifts." Either way, this baby Ivan is a gift that everyone will love.


Izzy is a name that surfaced back in 1910, and according to Parents, spiked in popularity in 2001. If you are looking for a more traditional name, try Elizabeth — Izzy will make the perfect nickname to go with it. For a boy, try Isadora.


Isabella made it to number 5 on Nameberry's most popular baby names. The name is a Hebrew name, meaning "pledged to god." The name was also very trendy in 2009 and 2010, probably due to the film Twilight, which was first released in 2010.


Ingrid is a classic Scandinavian name that means" fair and beautiful." This name is so whimsical anyone with this name will doubtless be fairy-like, but also have excellent taste in kitchen cabinetry.


Irene is another Greek name and means "peace." Not only does it have a noble origin, but according to Behind The Name, in the 8th century there was an empress named Irene — the first woman to lead the empire. If you suspect your girl will turn out to be a strong woman, this could be a great fit.


Iram is not a name you hear very often, but in numerology, it has a compelling meaning. According to SheKnows, people with the name Iram often take on positions of leadership.


Not only is this name unique but a great and lesser-known botanical name that comes from "fig tree." With spring just around the corner, it could be the perfect name for your new baby girl.


According to SheKnows, this Scandinavian baby name means "hero." Cue Mariah Carey. The Russian meaning of this name is "warrior of peace." Whichever meaning you like better, there is no doubt that your baby will be everyone's little hero.


Israel is not only a country, but a beautiful girl's name. Naming a baby after a place is a way to make them stand out and avoid awkward run-ins with coworkers who can't remember their name.


According to Nameberry, the name India got popular in the year 2013. This might be due to some celebrities baby-naming power. We can certainly give partial credit to Avenger's star Chris Hemsworth, who named his daughter India.


Ivy is not only a vine, and a superhero (or villain), but a refreshing baby name. Ask Beyoncé — she named her daughter Blue Ivy. Above, live footage of Bey exploding baby-name conventions.


Want a name all your theatre friends will geek out to? Then Ismene is the perfect name for your little one. Not only is Ismene unique, but it's the name of a lead character in Antigone, a Greek tragedy by Sophocles you doubtless studied and then forgot the plot contents of some time around grade 12. Sister to Antigone and daughter of Oedipus, Ismene is known to be a strong-willed woman.


Iggy isn't a name you hear every day and boy, is it cute. According to The Bump, Iggy is low on the charts for famous baby names. So, if you are looking for a name that's not only different but adorable, Iggy is the name to pick.


According to SheKnows, people with this name tend to be quite the visionaries. People with this name like to throw events, so if you think your kid is the life of the party, this is the perfect name for them. Warning, people with this name also tend to be stubborn.


Although Ibsen is not a popular name, it is the surname of Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote A Doll's House and is known for setting fire to domesticity.


Iman is an Arabic name that isn't too popular these days. According to BabyCenter, it went down 50 names in the past year, putting this one at number 1,122 on the charts.


Alec Baldwin made this a popular baby name when he named his daughter after the Emerald Isle. A beautiful name, and one that has a cute meaning, if your family has Celtic roots.


A name that you may never hear before. Genealogy says that Igo is a surname that was first recorded in Ireland, back in 1311. If you are looking for a unique name with a lot of history, this is the perfect name for your new baby boy.


Another name inspired by a place. According to BabyCenter, India went up in popularly this past year by 83 spots. It feels cute enough for a baby but established enough for an adult.


Ibhar is a boy that means "he who is chosen." This name feels very powerful. According to SheKnows, people with this name hold leadership and independence.


Ibb is such a unique name that it wasn't even listed on any baby name sites. The name Ibb is actually a derivative of the name Isabel and has been around since medieval times. it's about time this name made a comeback.


According to Nameberry, this old Scottish name was one of the top 100 names in WW1. Ving is the perfect nickname, making any little bundle a hipster.


We couldn't round out this list of unique, inspiring "I" names without heading to the edge of the rainbow, where we find Indigo. It's perfect for a baby with a rockstar streak, or who just lights up your days.

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