26 Vintage Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II With Her Corgis

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Can you even picture the Queen of England without her attending crowd of corgis? The stout little dogs are absolutely a part of her fascinating legacy. And as these vintage photos of Queen Elizabeth II with her corgis show, these dogs served as her constant companions for decades on end. Whether she was resting on holiday or meeting illustrious individuals, the Queen was never been far from these clever little dogs for most of her life.

Probably the most famous owner and breeder of Pembroke Welsh Corgis ever, the Queen has owned over 30 of the medium-sized dogs during her lifetime, according to the American Kennel Club. As the vintage family photos show, her history with corgis dates back to her childhood in the '30s, continuing through decades. Meetings with other high-profile individuals, travel, and even sporting events often found Queen Elizabeth II with one (or many more) of the loyal royal dogs by her side. The dogs, of course, are simply going about the business of being corgis, which makes all of these important and historical photos so much better. Sadly, the Queen's final corgi Willow died in 2018, following Queen Elizabeth's decision to stop breeding the dogs in 2015, according to The Telegraph.

Although they're forever associated with the Queen, Pembroke Welsh Corgis began life as sturdy, short-legged cattle dogs for farmers in southwestern Wales, per the AKC. One of the most popular herding dogs, they're known for their friendly attitude and big smile. And as someone who had the fortune to grow up with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi as a kid, I will forever love these happy-go-lucky little creatures, and I'd 100% go though life totally surrounded by corgis if I were queen, too. So in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's longstanding devotion to corgis, here's a whole collection of vintage photos of Her Majesty with these adorable dogs.

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