27 Celebrities Who Breastfeed & Are Happy To Talk About It

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For some moms, breastfeeding can be a very rewarding experieince. It can be a great way to bond with and nourish your baby. Of course, it can also come with a great deal of stress and anxiety. You have to worry about keeping your supply up, deal with discomfort, and sadly, sometimes defend yourself from people who don't approve of breastfeeding. But you aren't alone in breastfeeding battle. There are a number of celebrities who breastfeed and deal with the same struggles as you. (Celebs — they really are just like us.)

Now, granted, breastfeeding is a little different when you're an A-lister. For example, some celebrities have nannies and other household helpers who make it a lot easier to devote hours a day to nursing. But the differences don't always work in their favor. When celebrities with millions of social media followers post a breastfeeding selfie, that naysaying comes in larger, crueler troves. As a result, many breastfeeding celebrity moms feel like it's their responsibility to help normalize breastfeeding, and get people to understand that there's nothing gross, weird, or sexual about feeding your baby.

Here are 27 A-list moms who have talked about their breastfeeding journeys in an effort to end any stigmas surrounding the somewhat natural method.

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