27 Parenting Tweets That Make You LOL, Seriously


Being a parent can be a hard job. Growing up, I saw the struggles that my mom endured raising us, and I'm pretty sure there were many moments of sacrifice that I'll never know about. Though there are many struggles that parents endure, there are even more moments that make being a parent worth it all. The majority of those moments come in the form of laughs, and this week's round-up of funniest parenting tweets prove just that.

Although I don't have any children of my own right now, I find humor in seeing my niece grow up and learn about the world around her. What's even funnier is seeing the way my sister reacts to being a new parent. Getting the calls about something funny that my niece has said and done is nothing but preparation for when I have my own children. Even when it's not supposed to be humorous, there are some things that happen that just deserve a really good laugh.

So, whether you have children or not, need your funny bone tickled, or just want to see how other parents rule at raising little ones, these 27 tweets will give you all the humor you're looking for today.

1. Break Ups To Make Ups

Can I have a do over?

2. '90s Kid Fo' Life

Life is so much better when you grew up in the '90s

3. Brave Souls

Oh to be that invitee. . .

4. And The Award Goes To...


5. Not So Much

Let's try that again.

6. Choose Wisely

Where did you go wrong?

7. Netflix & Chill

Yeah, that's it.

8. The Perfect Gift

Know that.

9. The Saddest Day

Tragedy strikes again.

10. You Got Served

You lose again, mom.

11. It's Nap Time

Sometimes, you just gotta take a nap.

12. Awkward

Always funny.

13. Let's Have A Drink

Oh yes, it's ladies night.

14. Peace Interrupted

Is there any time to breathe?

15. Is It Really For Dummies?


16. They Know

How creepy.

17. The Cutest Ever

Because baby teddy bears are absolutely the cutest.

18. No Means No

They'll always win.

19. Kids Meals For Everyone

Yes, this is for me.

20. Check, Mate

A win is a win.

21. Dirty Hands

Well, at least they did it, right?

22. Did You Say Cake?

Trick me, why don't you.

23. Scheduling

Let me check with my assistant.

24. Creepy Crawlers

Are you scared right now?

25. When Losing Weight Goes Wrong

Life just isn't fair.

26. Sing-A-Long

Because being a mom will always be a win.

27. Winner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.