27 Parenting Tweets That Reminds You Parenting Can Be Fun


Sometimes parenting can be a difficult task to take on. Though this is true, that doesn't mean it's always that way. Even in the midst of those frustrating times, kids have a way of reminding you that there's always a silver lining in unfortunate situations. Many parents may share those funny or aww-worthy moments with their friends and family through text or email, but others — as seen in this week's list of funniest parenting tweets — share it with all of their followers across social media.

Some of the funniest tweets about parenting ome from parents whose children are smarter than they think. When a 10-year-old's sarcasm is better than a millennials, then that's when you know parenting has more perks than you can ever count. And sometimes, having some others parenting tweets to refer to in your most frustrating moment will help ease your pain and promote a conversation that you can join in on.

Regardless if you've been out of the Twittersphere for some time or if you frequent your timeline every hour, you'll always find a way to fit right into the parenting world that it has to offer.

If you need a quick pick me up to get you through the end of the week or just want a laugh session with your significant other about how accurate these experiences are, these 27 tweets will be exactly what you're looking for.

1. American Horror Story

Will we all really leave?

2. Second Guesses

Clap three times if you need me.

3. Hypothetically, Of Course

Such a tough job.

4. Imitation

Well, at least he's learning, right?

5. Yeah, Really

Because they know it all.

6. Mommy's Food

Because we all know they only want it when mom has it.

7. Slipping Through The Cracks

I see London, I see France, but apparently not your underpants.

8. Lice Life

Does it ever not pose a threat?

9. I Workout

Getting it in any way possible.

10. La Petite Academy

Well at least he'll know when to listen.

11. What's The Point?

One day, they'll be doing the cleaning.

12. Potty Mouth

Be careful what you say.

13. Pooptastic

"The best moments come from potty training," said no one.

14. No, I'm Not That Hungry

We'll just eat air for a while.

15. Me Time...

...is the best time.

16. Breakfast Is Ready

Thanks for thinking of me.

17. If It Works

Kids say the darnedest things.

18. Stay Fresh

At least you can still change, right?

19. Social Media Parenting

It goes down in the DM, it goes down in the DM.

20. Real Love

Let's talk about poo, baby; Let's talk about it, you and me.

21. One Love

Love 'em all.

22. Nap Time


23. Multifunctional

Why not?

24. Who Does That?

No, seriously.

25. Vote For Fart


26. Play The Game

Well played.

27. Oh, Is That What You Meant?

Who's really in need of homework here?