27 Parenting Tweets That You'll Definitely End Up Cosigning


I'm quick to admit: I love talking to my niece on the phone because I know I'm going to get a free comedy show while we're talking. Though she's only 2 years old, her imagination is so lively and her ability to be the funniest kid is pretty much on G.O.A.T level. During the times when I want a hard laugh but can't get to my niece, I often search funny parenting tweets on Twitter to see who else's kids have caused a riot recently, too. Since I know every child is funny in their own way, it's so cool to see how everyone chronicles their own experiences.

Even if you're not a parent, it's kind of hard to not find humor in some of the things some of the parents reveal about their children. I mean, honestly, who wouldn't laugh at some of the things these kids say? And, more importantly, you can probably relate to one or two of the tweets they put out — even as a non-parent. For me, when anyone tweets about eating their kids' snacks, I chuckle because I sneak my niece's snacks every time I'm around. Or really, I sneak any kids' snacks when I'm at anyone's house. No one is safe if there are snacks round me.

So, whether you're a snack stealer, know that you can relate to some of the things kids do, or some of the things parents say, these 27 tweets from this week will definitely make you say, "yep, that's me."

1. Diaper Days

Clean up on aisle one.

2. Who Taught Ya?

Well, at least she's versed.

3. The High Life

Oh, you fancy, huh?

4. Who You Gonna Call?

Bug busters.

5. True Story

Never doubt a kid on a puking mission.

6. Scream

So funny.

7. Make Up Your Mind

Aren't we all like this?

8. Forgetful

Everyone's done it.

9. When?

Just tell me.

10. Quiet Times

Pee is included.

11. Time Waits For No One

Not even those playing Pokémon Go.

12. Toddler Votes

You know where her vote is going.

13. Daddy Duties

Treat them like your own, right?

14. Where Did It Go?

Who created this monster?

15. Unlock The Swag

The swag's unlocked.

16. Sing-A-Long

Just make sure you do it better than your kid.

17. How To Conquer The Day

Who said your best days have to be the cleanest?

18. Ninja Moves

Got the moves like ninjas.

19. Organic Saves The Day

At least you're eating healthy.

20. Alternate Cleaning

She knows how to keep her hands clean though.

21. Halloween Mischief

Betcha they'll go to sleep now.

22. Secret Grip

No one is safe.

23. Bedtime Chatter

There's no stopping them.

24. Lesson Learned

Just let them experience life.

25. First Mistake


26. Choose Wisely

They'll take them off in the morning.

27. Tired Toddler

Sleep like a baby tonight.