28 Celebrities' Careers Before They Were Actors

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There are plenty of actors who got into the game as kids and continued to cultivate successful careers for decades, but not everyone was a child star. Most actors came to it as adults, which meant they were doing something else to earn their paychecks before the movie business shot them into a different stratosphere of fame. And these 28 celebrities' careers before they were actors prove that there were all kinds of jobs in the mix for most of these people, from the strange to the surprisingly mundane.

Whenever I read about the career a celebrity tried before they became famous, I immediately try to slot them into my normal life: like, what would you do if you had a teacher who looked like John Cho? (Besides paint 'Love You' on your eyelids like a scene out of Indiana Jones, of course.) It always seems a little bit odd to remember that celebrities have just as many everyday concerns as the rest of us; no matter how glamorous their lives might be now, there was a point where they were working just as hard to reach their goals.

There's something very inspiring about it. You could be slogging away at a job you don't love right now, but that dream career could still be just around the corner. So without further adieu, here's where some of your favorite celebrities started out in their careers.

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