29 Beach-Themed Baby Names For Your Nautical Newborn


One of the perks of being a parent is you get to play around with all sorts of name ideas. One week you may be absolutely in love with one of your options, and by the next week, it just doesn't sound right anymore. That's what most of my parent friends have told me matters the most to them, too. They want the moniker they choose for their little munchkin to be a good fit. So if a big part of your and your family's life involves the surf, sand, and sun, then you might consider a beach-themed baby name.

You don't even have to live on the coast to be inspired by all the wonderful qualities the seaside has to offer. A sunny or nautical name can instantly have you feeling all warm and carefree inside regardless of where you actually reside. Whether you grew up on the waterfront, took special vacations there, or (dare I say?) your bundle of joy might even have been conceived on the sandy shore, selecting a beach-themed choice for your future sailor could be a fun nod to your oceanic memories.

So kick back, turn up the AC, and grab a refreshing drink while you soak up all the beachy goodness of these adorably aquatic baby names.

1. Mira

A beautiful name for your future daughter, Mira means "sea, ocean" in Sanskrit.

2. Adrien

Adrien, though primarily used as a boy's name, can also be for a girl. The name means "from the Adriatic Sea" in French.

3. Cordelia

Besides being the name of a beloved character from both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Cordelia means "jewel of the sea" in Welsh.

4. Troy

In addition to being in Homer's Illiad, Troy means "water" in Irish-Gaelic.

5. Dylan

Despite meaning "son of the sea," Dylan is an ocean-inspired name perfect for either a boy or a girl.

6. Hurley

It's no wonder that there's a sports brand bearing the same name, because Hurley means "sea tide" in Irish-Gaelic. This is also a great unisex option.

7. Tao

Tao has a zen-like feel to it and that's probably because the word and the name come from the Chinese for "great waves."

8. Ravi

Ravi is one of the many Hindu gods of the sun and means "sun" in Sanskrit.

9. Sunny

Just like the name says, it's American name meaning "sunny" and is also unisex.

10. Cyrus

Though it's used primarily as a name for a boy, it can be used for a girl, too. Cyrus means "sun" in Afrikaans.

11. Apollo

In Greek mythology, Apollo was known as the God of light, among many other things. This is definitely a powerful pick.

12. Theia

Also from Greek mythology, Theia was the mother of sun god, Helios, and her name means "glittering light."

13. Helios

Used mainly as a boy's name, Helios means "god of the sun" in Greek and has mythological roots.

14. Soleil

Soleil comes from the French for "sun," and is a sophisticated option for your future daughter.

15. Lene

Pronounced "lay-nuh," Lene means "light of the sun" in Dutch and is usually a girl's name.

16. Havilah

Havilah is a unisex name that means "stretch of sand" in Hebrew.

17. Keone

A name with a beautiful and meaningful origin, Keone means, "our sand homeland" in Hawaiian. It's used for either boys or girls.

18. Misa

Misa, most often used for a girl, means "beautiful sand" in Japanese.

19. Sanford

In old English, Sanford means "from the sandy crossing." It's also a town in Florida and, though it's mainly a boy's name, you can use it however you want.

20. Masago

Masago is the Japanese word for "sand" and is a great choice if you like unique names.

21. Taran

With a nod to "terra," the name Taran originated in America and means "soil of the earth."

22. Ortun

Ortun is a Welsh name meaning, "from the shore." It can be used for both boys and girls.

23. Ronan

In Irish, Ronan means "little seal" and is an adorable name for your mini munchkin.

24. Coral

As well as being a beautiful color, Coral is also the word used for reef formations in the ocean.

25. Delphine

In French, the name Delphine means "dolphin" and is a great option for your future daugter.

27. Mako

Mako, a type of shark found primarily in the waters of Tahiti, is a unique and fun name option for either a boy or a girl.

27. Indigo

The colors of the ocean are endless, but Indigo (which came from Latin-America and means "dark blue") brings to mind the mysterious depths of the sea.

28. Cyan

A name which originated in America and is unisex, Cyan means "light blue-green" and is a fun name choice.

29. Jaune

Jaune is the French word for "yellow" and is an ideal name choice if you want to be inspired by the bright sun at the beach.