29 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Pretty Much Sum Up Parenthood


Now that July is more than half-way through, this should serve as a reassuring sign that your kid's summer break is nearly half-way over, too. Sure, you love your kids, but the endless hours at the beach, fights over pool toys and the squelching heat are enough to make any mom go a little crazy. For parents, calling summer vacation a "vacation" is nothing short of comical. What part of hauling around a car full of screaming 6-year-olds to and from summer camp day after day is a "vacation," in any sense of the word? Luckily, however, other moms totally know what you're going through. Just take a look at this week's round-up of parenting tweets and see for yourself.

Summer break can really test a parent's patience, but one day you'll look back and marvel at the dozens of sunscreen bottles you went through or laugh about the time your 10-year-old snuck behind your back and ate an entire box of popsicles in one sitting. You're exhausted, but that's just part of the day's job when you're a mom. Try to savor every moment, because one day when your kids are finally grown, you're really going to miss these hectic summer days.

1. Guilty As Charged

Well played, mom. Well played.

2. #Whoops

I bet your husband doesn't know you have one either.

3. *Rolls Eyes*

Good one, kid.

4. #MomLife

What else did he expect?

5. Rough Night?

All parents cope differently.

6. #RelationshipGoals

He's out there somewhere.

7. Not Again

Every. Single. Day.

8. #TruthBomb

Parenting, in a nutshell.

9. Future Business Moguls


10. No Sleep, No Problem

She's on to us.

11. #Same

I feel for him.

12. Toothpaste Problems

Well, at least they tried.

13. Couldn't Come Quicker

When the time comes, you'll be prepared.

14. Oscar-Worthy Performances

Parents are the greatest actors out there. Move over, DiCaprio.

15. Joke's On Us

Summer break: where parents' dreams come to die.

16. Why Oh Why

I've given up on trying to keep the mirrors clean.

17. #True

They're basically the same thing.

18. Parenting Goals

Me as a mom.

19. Yup, Pretty Much

It's science.

20. #Adulthood


21. Sounds Like A Blast

"Honey, this will be you in a few years."

22. Proud Father

Like father, like son.

23. Excuses, Excuses

One of the perks of getting older.

24. #Typical

Parenthood will do that to you.

25. No No No

Ruined my day.

26. #Yikes

All parents learn this the hard way.

27. Congratulations?

Kids: the ultimate confidence-booster.

28. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Been there. Licked that.

29. #Beware

Watch out, kids.