29 Hysterical Parenting Tweets From Twitter's Most Relatable Parents


Now that summer is over and fall is almost in full swing, you're probably having to adjust to your old "back to school" habits: noisy carpooling, meticulously cutting fruit into tiny squares so that your 6-year-old might find them appetizing, and worst of all, helping your kids complete their math homework. (When did sixth grade math become so damn difficult?) Other parents understand the trials and tribulations you're going through all too well. And some are not-so silent when dealing with them, as proven through this week's round-up of hilarious parenting tweets.

You're probably somewhat relieved that summer is over, but that doesn't make it easier to jump back into old habits. Instead of sunburns and bathing suit shopping to deal with, you now have to cart a screaming car of kids to and from school, pack delicious lunches that still have at least some nutritional benefit, and make sure your child is wearing shoes before he leaves the house, despite the cries of protest that may ensue.

Yes, you're most likely exhausted, but it's best to remember to enjoy these stressful moments, especially since the beginning of a school year is a reminder that your kid is growing up, and that these times definitely won't last forever. And if you are stressed, just turn to Twitter to ensure some laughs.

1. Toilet Troubles

Nope. I'm guessing you don't.

2. #DadGoals

You must be very, very proud.

3. Congratulations!

A celebration is in order.

4. Typical

We've all been there.

5. Same


6. Please Don't Find Me

Just five minutes alone is all I ask for.

7. Pro Tip

It's a win-win situation, isn't it?

8. Picture Day Problems

What else are we supposed to do with them?

9. #Adulting

Dreams really do come true.

10. What A Nightmare

You better be careful.

11. Accurate

4. Why are you always so sticky?

12. Time Well Spent

Practice really does make perfect.

13. Grocery Store Woes

It's a science that needs to be mastered.

14. Pipe Down

Who's the real winner here?

15. More Naps, Please

All moms do.

16. Silence Is Golden

The good news is that by the time she's 18, she'll probably stop.

17. #SavageAF

Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they?

19. Sound Logic

Well, he does have a point there.

19. Game Night Gone Wrong

Every. Single. Time.

20. Preparation Is Key

It's always best to remain calm and be prepared.

21. Selective Hearing

Spot on.

22. Please, Please Just Eat It

And then praying they don't figure out that you're lying.

23. Not Again

I'm sure both predicaments are equally as tragic to him.

24. Reading Is For Chumps

Works like a charm.

25. Enjoy These Moments

Hey, it still counts.

26. Donuts Solve Everything

I can't blame him.

27. Sweet Dreams

Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

28. How Appetizing

I bet your kids are thrilled.

29. Family Fun?

And then instantly regretting your decision.