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29 Parenting Tweets For Those Days When You Just Need To Laugh

Parenting can cause a lot of stressful days. From laying down the law to making all the dots connect, being a parent can make you want to pull your hair out and never have it grown back. In the same sense though, parenting can make you feel really, really good. Like when you see your kids do something great or accomplish the things they've always wanted to. Parenting can also be just as great when your kids find different ways to make you laugh, as seen in this week's round-up of funniest parenting tweets.

There's no denying that parenting can be a ton of work. But with the right mixture of laughter and relaxation, you'll always nail it. I honestly think the best thing about parenting is being able to know that it's OK to laugh at your mistakes. It's also good to recognize that not every bad thing that happens makes you a bad or incompetent parent. Though my mom made sure that she kept us in order, she always knew how to laugh with us and more importantly, laugh at herself.

Sometimes, parents just need to reassure themselves that they're doing a great job. If you're feeling like you need a little pick up this week, take a look at these 29 tweets to get your spirits going in the right direction.

1Mo' Money

At least you didn't forget the milk.

2Keeping It Fresh

Close call.

3Follow The Yellow Brick Road

"Need to be pointed back in the right direction? I'm your man."

4Every Day Parenting


5Epic Fail

Kids know it all.

6Timing Is Everything

At least you can be quick with it.

7Who's The Boss?

They clearly get it.

8Toddler Taco

If the blanket fits.

9Hit Your Peak

Sensory skills on point.

10Hell Hath No Fury

...like a broken kids toy.

11Get Your Weight Up

We all can't be perfect, right?

12James Bond

*Queues theme music.*

13Healthy Dieting

At least you're full.

14Duck For Cover

Bless you.

15Don't Cry

Well, we know who's the favorite here.

16Real Life Tears

We feel your pain.

17Check Mate

Don't hate the player.

18Leftovers For Breakfast

Nothing wrong with that.

19The Quiet Zone

Never trust a quiet kid.

20Snack Time

A girl's gotta eat.

21Name Tags Needed

Are you my kid?

22Nap Time

Fo' sho.

23Clean Up, Clean Up

Everybody, everywhere.

24Let's Play A Game


25Be Kind

Keep your thoughts to yourself.

26It's The Little Things

Who gets the first weekend of bliss?

27Little Picasso

Now that's creative.

28Driving Little Daisies

You get to control the tunes, though.

29Mom Love

You're so thoughtful.