29 Parenting Tweets That Will Remind You What Being A Parent Means

Being a parent has to be one of the best parts about life. If not for the overflow of love that kids give you every day of your life, then for the laughs that come flowing in and out of the house. If you're not one that has kids yet, then scrolling through your timeline of funny parenting tweets every week will give you the laughs you're looking for.

In the aftermath of Halloween, the laughs are coming in heavily on social media. Though they are as equally funny without the holiday, seeing a few Halloween candy and costume crazy tweets added to the already humorous quote worthy tweets that make me laugh.

Even if you're not a parent right now, scrolling through this week's numerous tweets that show you what parenting means is a way to prepare yourself for what's to come. Although they can be extremely funny, reading the list of tweets gives a bit of anxiety and relief all in one because it reminds me that not everyone is perfect and that you're going to mess up — even as a parent. From Halloween to getting dressed, being a parent will take you on a well needed rollercoaster ride.

If you need a way to lift your spirits, check out these 29 tweets to get you going.


Forgive me, please.

2Picky Eaters

We've got a winner.

3Tornado Season

At least you tried.


Because it's just what they do.

5In Shambles

It's the end of the world.

6Be Free

Whatever you like is right.

7Know Your Boundaries

Stop being greedy.

8Barely There Tooth Fairy

C'mon guys, get it together.

9Trick-Or-Treat For Me

Nice thinking, mom.

10Hitler Used To Do That

That'll teach 'em.

11How To Do Halloween Like A Pro



Don't try it.

13Bad Timing

Good grief.

14Minion Mom

At least somebody liked it, right?

15Sweat Attack

No, it's not.

16Make Up Your Mind

We all can't be sick here.

17Every Little Bit Counts

Success comes in the smallest forms.

18No Lies

Believe me.

19Halloween Forever

Keep it up until the New Year.

20A Lot Of Pounds

How comforting.


Get creative with it.


Isn't everyone's?

23Full Of It

Try using another word, maybe?

24Good Parenting



As long as he likes it.

26The Crying Game

Rookie's will get better.

27Nap Time

Get it all in.

28Gross Encounters

Moving on up the disgusting scale.

29Early Mornings

The best part.