29 Things Long Term Couples Should Say To Each Other Every Day

If you're in a relationship, it goes without saying that "I love you" should be as common a word in your vocabulary as "the", or "an" or "Honey, can you please take out the trash?" But it's possible to wear out the phrase "I love you" if you're not throwing in some other sweet little nothings every once in a while too. In fact, there are many other things every long term couple should say everyday besides "I love you" to keep their relationship in tip top shape.

I've been married for almost three years, and while that's seconds compared to some marriages, in our time together I've learned that walking around saying, "I love you, babe," every 30 seconds doesn't only get old, but looses it's spark after a while. Luckily, we've gotten in the habit of saying these other small phrases that make us both feel just as loved and valued as if we were really saying those three little words.

Some of the phrases are probably second nature to you by now. I mean, it doesn't take a relationship expert to tell you to say "good morning" every day. But others you might not have thought of yet. So do yourself and your significant other a favor and add these little phrases to your list list of sweet nothings.


"Good Morning."

Besides starting the day off on a great note, the simple act of saying good morning lets your partner know that they're the first thing you think of when you open your eyes.


"I Miss You."

Whether you're at work, on a trip or just running an errand, letting your SO know that you miss them when you're not together will make your connection stronger when you are.


"You Look Amazing."

Never loose the habit of telling your partner how good they look, even if it's right after they roll out of bed.


"I Like You."

Cute and surprisingly deep, letting your partner know that you don't just love them — you like them too — can help them feel secure and appreciated.



"You Make Me Happy."

Chances are, making you happy is high on your partner's priority list. Let them know they're doing a good job.


"I Want You."

Except without the sarcasm of Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. Actually mean it, and you're golden.


"You're Really Good At..."

Even if its something as small as making scrambled eggs in the morning or tucking the kids in for bed, let them know.


"Let's Go."

A sense of spontaneity and adventure in a relationship is important. Let you're partner know that you're up for whatever adventures you two can cook up, and then make it happen.


"You Turn Me On."

You know why.


"Thank You."

Say thank you almost as much as you say "I love you" and you'll have one happy SO.


"I Can't Wait To See You Tonight."

Sweet with a hint of sexy, letting your partner know that you're excited about the night's events (even if it's literal Netflix and chilling) can make them feel valued and excited too.


"How Was Your Day?"

Listening to your partner is one of the best ways to show that you care about them. Ask them to tell you about they're day, and then actually listen when they do.


"I Support You."

Your partner should know that you have their back 100 percent. Be it a career choice, a parenting decision, or anything else, working together as a team is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.


"You Have Really Sexy..."

Insert body part of choice here.


"You Inspire Me."

Love is inspiring. Let your partner know that they're the muse behind your creative spirit.


"I'm Sorry."

Although it's not the most romantic thing you'll say to your partner, it's important to let them know that you recognize your shortcomings and that you're working on becoming the best version of yourself.


"You Make Everything More Fun."

Let them know that when you're together, even mundane chores like grocery shopping and paying bills magically becomes enjoyable.


"I Love Waking Up Next To You."

Cheesy? Maybe. The sweetest thing they'll hear all day? Definitely.


"You're An Amazing Parent."

If you have children together, reminding them of how great of a mom or dad they are can boost their confidence in huge ways.


"You're My Best Friend."

When you've been together for a long time, it's easy to let the friendship aspect of your relationship slide. Telling your partner that you value them as a friend will strengthen your bond.


"I'm Proud Of You."

Whether or not they're working their dream job or a job they dread going to, letting your partner know that you're proud of them for all they've achieved is huge.


"Never Change."

Many partners feel pressured from their SO to change in some way. Make sure that your partner knows that you accept and love them just as they are.


"I Trust You."

Choosing to trust your partner can be hard, but a healthy relationship can't function without it.


"You Deserve A Break."

Watch the kids for a night so they can have some alone time, or let them do something they've been putting off as a sign of your appreciation.


"You Smell Good."

It's weird, but trust me, it works.

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"The Way You Handled ___ Was Hot."

Toddler tantrums, hairy spiders, job interviews. If they handled it, compliment them.


"No, You Sleep In."

The highest form of love is letting your SO sleep in while you wake up with the kids.



As a rule, say yes as often as possible. As in, "Yes, we can talk." "Yes, I'll watch that movie again with you." "Yes, we can have spaghetti for the second time this week." Believe it or not, this three letter word often adds up to I love you.


"I Respect You."

Like trust, respect will get you far in a relationship. It's essential that both partners respect each other, and how will they know unless you tell them?