2nd Grader Gives Christmas Gifts To Everyone At School & Restores Our Faith In Humanity

The holidays are a special time of the year when people are inspired to give back in some kind of way, and this 8-year-old girl took it to new level and has restored our faith in humanity. In Alabama, a second grader gave Christmas gifts to everyone in her school — 430 students — by saving up money from doing extra chores around the house school because she didn’t want to any of her classmates to go without a present this holiday season. According to ABC News, Abby Henderson, the giving girl, was inspired to do this after her family dropped off a food donation to their local Humane Society on Thanksgiving.

"And then she started asking, 'Well, what about the kids in my school? I think it'd be really neat if we could get them all a present,'" Abby’s mother, Molly Henderson told ABC News.

That gift included a toy, pencils, and candy assembled in a holiday cup, which cost about $200 to put together for the more than 400 students at Southview Primary School in Opelika, Alabama. And because most 8-year-olds don't have that type of money to spend, Abby picked up some extra chores to do around the house so she could save up the money to buy the gifts, in addition to some donations that came in after the community heard about her idea.

"She was cleaning the bathroom, picking up things [in the] yard, cleaning up [after the dog]," her mom told ABC News.

"I thought that they would like it, everyone would have a good Christmas and no one would feel left out," Abby told NBC News affiliate WSFA, and added that she is looking forward to doing it again next year and would like to make this sweet gesture a tradition in the future.

Her mother told the news station that this isn't the first time Abby thought about a kind way to give back to her community, saying that her daughter had asked for canned food for her birthday and so she could donate it to the food bank.

"We always bake cookies for police officers and firemen at Christmas and Thanksgiving," her mom told WSFA. "She always doing something for somebody else."

This touching Christmas story is a sweet reminder that there are plenty of opportunities and different ways to spread kindness, even if the weather is cold and the daily news is a downer this little girl's thoughtfulness will warm your heart.