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3 Adorable New Bedtime Stories You'll Be Happy To Read 100 Times

Among the common tactics kids use to avoid going to bed, some are more adorable than others. Stalling by asking for extra cuddles? Super adorable. Buying time by asking for a tenth sip of water, then refusing to go to the bathroom before getting tucked in? Less adorable. But no matter what, there seems to be one bedtime ritual all kids come to love, which of course is insisting that you read their favorite bedtime story over and over until you can recite every line from memory. It's a very real thing.

Knowing full well that this is a universal child-parent milestone that's not only fun but important, Romper has teamed up with Disney Publishing to fill you in on three of their latest releases. Each new title packs plenty of the Disney charm your family knows and loves, and you have my word that you can happily read them on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about each of the new books below, then treat yourself to ordering your personal favorite from the mix. After all, you deserve to get just as much joy from your kid's library as they do.

'The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!' by Mo Willems

Courtesy of Disney Publishing

The Pigeon is back, y'all, and this time he's off to school. In the latest installment of his beloved Pigeon series, author and illustrator Mo Willems conveys the Pigeon's fear of the unknown as he prepares for his first day of school. With plenty of Willems' signature humor and heart sprinkled in, this relatable tale with a triumphant message will end your night on a delightful note.

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'The Great Indoors' by Julie Falatko

Courtesy of Disney Publishing

This whimsical read imagines what it would be like if it were forest animals — not us! — going on a summer vacation. An empty house takes on the familiar role of a camp site for a crew of furry animals, while the book's funny dialogue and vibrant illustrations carry this new bedtime mainstay from curious, to chaotic, to flat-out cute.

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'Underwear!' by Jenn Harney

Courtesy of Disney Publishing

With enough mentions of the always-funny word "underwear" throughout this book, Underwear! is practically guaranteed to throw your kid into a fit of giggles. Author Jenn Harney's brilliant rhymes tell a sweet (and familiar) post-bath time story of an exhausted bear dad and his excitable bear cub who'd rather play with his undies than put them on. With plenty of clever writing and silly illustrations, Underwear! will make your family's usual bedtime routine impossibly fun.

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