3 Arya & The Waif Couples Costumes To Keep People Guessing On Halloween

Though Arya and the Waif might not be the most loving couple on television, they're definitely a pair that will have your costumed crew talking all night, especially with a few witty accoutrements added to the standard Game of Thrones garb. So if yo're looking for a hilarious and unexpected costume this Halloween, these Arya and The Waif couples costumes will be perfect for you and your partner.

Not all couples costumes have to be romantic, overdone, or typical. And while other Game of Thrones couples may be a little bit more traditional and couple-y (i.e. Jon and Ygritte, Cersei and... OK, as it turns out, Jon and Ygritte are the only somewhat traditional and couple-y Game of Thrones couple I can think of), let me make a case for Arya and the Waif. In Season 6 Arya's storyline gets seriously crazy, and Waif is a huge part of it. The Waif tests Arya in some really messed up ways, making her practically run around the city blind and dying until the two come face to face. And according to Esquire, some fan theories think that Arya and the Waif might be the same person. And that's a couples costume that will really blow the minds of all of your Game of Thrones loving pals.


Arya & The Waif: No Mercy

In one of their more violent escapades, the Waif straight up stabs Arya in the middle of the town square. Recreate this epic battle with your partner and knock everybody's socks off. For the Waif, start with your basic peasant blouse ($35) and a black head scarf ($19), add an irregular hem maxi skirt ($26), and a black brocade blazer ($45) to complete the nonchalant town peasant look. Then, it's the accessories you'll want to focus on. With a double edged dagger ($8) for your violent escapades, all that's left are your collection of masks to carry around with you all night. Because this Halloween masquerade mask ($11), this v-shaped party mask ($2), and this white and black mask ($5) will keep your friends of many faces in awe of how witty your costume is.

Arya's costume requires a little less wit, and a little more blood. Start out with that peasant starter pack from above, with a long peasant skirt ($40) and a peasant blouse ($30). Then comes the fun part. Along with your pained expression, find some fake blood ($9), and a retractable dagger ($7) to have sticking out of your gut all night long.


Arya & The Waif: Lessons

This pair of costumes is easy, and all you'll need to do is practice your combat skills with your partner. With a loose fitting linen dress ($25), a braided leather belt ($25), and a pair of gladiator sandals ($35), you're ready for your accessories. Add a leather cuff bracelet ($25) for style, and a bamboo stick ($2) that's lightweight for you to carry around all night.


Arya & The Waif: Blind Attitude

Perhaps one of the most intense Arya moments in any season of Game of Thrones, is when Arya goes blind and stays blind.

To recreate Arya's blind look, dress yourself in a pair of brown leggings ($14), a boxy fit brown tunic ($39), and a piece of burlap ($14) to drape over your shoulders. Wear your hair greasy and grimy, and add a pair of creepy white eye contacts ($29) to make it look like you're blind, and voila, you've got blind Arya down to an art.

For the Waif, all you'll need is a trusty linen dress ($25), a tan belt ($4), your weapon of choice, like a stick you found in your back yard (free ninety-nine), and a dismal attitude. Just refer to everyone as "The Girl," and everyone will know to steer clear of you.