3 Barb From 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes For Kids

This past summer, Netflix took the world by storm with yet another original series. Titled Stranger Things, the eight-episode inaugural season brought everyone new ways to stretch your imagination and new characters to fall in love with — like the lightly seen, but heavily appreciated, Barb. With Halloween closer than close, there's no guess that kids will be dressing in their favorite Stranger Things characters to ghoul up the night. That's why some inspiration for Barb from Stranger Things Halloween costumes for the kids is totally needed.

Why Barb, you ask? Barb's character in the series may have been short lived, but her relatable and loveable character will reign on forever. If you haven't seen the show, just know that Barb has become everyone's spirit animal, which is why she's a perfect fit for this year's Halloween costume. And, since retro clothing have come back in style over the last few years, finding pieces similar to what she wore may not be as difficult as you think.

Not convinced that you can pull off the look with your kids this Halloween? Try taking a look at these three costume ideas to see what direction you should go in for the look.


The Party Invite


Finding the exact type of outfit that Barb put on in this scene may not be possible, but you may be able to come pretty close. All you'll need is a pink ruffled shirt ($15), high-waisted stretch khaki pants ($17), some oversized glasses ($13), and a short wig ($11) as close to the color of Barb's hair as possible. Have them carry around a few school books to make it even more Barb-like.


The School Scene

To nail this school look from Barb as close as you can, you'll need a plaid ruffled shirt ($15), high-waisted light blue jeans ($10), some oversized glasses ($13), and a short red wig ($11). Don't forget to add the watch ($15) and her books.


The Night Barb Goes Missing

For this last look, you'll need many of the pieces from your first look such as the pink ruffled shirt ($15), high-waisted stretch khaki pants ($17), some oversized glasses ($13), and your short wig ($11). However, to set this look in motion, be sure to add your turquoise bubble jacket ($70).