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3 Easy Eevee Costumes For Pokemon Fans Of All Ages

Over the past two decades, I've seen so many people dress up as Pokémon characters for Halloween. Whether they purchase their costume or do it themselves, people always come up with some pretty cool creations. But event though I've seen many people dress up as classic characters over the years — from Ash to Pikachu — I've rarely seen people dress up as Eevee for Halloween. Which is a shame because there are some easy Eevee costumes you can make yourself.

If you're new to the Pokémon world, Eevee is a rabbit eared fennec fox-like Pokémon that can evolve more than any others. Though all of its eight evolution stages are cool in their own right, it's the original Eevee that steals the show. Whether you want to show off your creative skills or dress the kids up to be the cutest they can be, you're sure to accomplish that and more by going as this adorable Pokémon this year. And, if you're really into Eevee, try dressing the whole family up to go as evolved versions.

Tired of going with the norm and dressing up as Pikachu? Here are a few Eevee Halloween costume options that the whole family can enjoy.


For The Baby

Looking for a cute costume option for your little bundle of joy? Dressing them up as Eevee just may be it. Just pull out a brown onesie ($5), brown tights ($8) and a bunny ear hat ($20), and you have the perfect costume.


For The Kid

To dress your little kid as Eevee, you'll need a pair of brown pants ($27), a brown long sleeve shirt ($8), brown shoes ($25), a fluffy white boa ($6), and an Eevee ears and tail set ($13).


For The Adult

If you're an adult that loves Eevee, you'll be able to DIY it and do it instyle. All you'll need is a brown jumper ($18), a fluffy white boa ($6), and an Eevee ears and tail set ($13).