3 Relationship Experiences Your Partner Needs To Feel Close To You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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There are a lot of things that zodiac signs can tell you about a person. Sometimes you read a breakdown of all of the various personality traits for a particular zodiac sign and it's almost scary how accurate it is for a certain person in your life. Even if you don't think that your partner checks off each and every box according to the personality traits ascribed to their zodiac sign, you might still notice that there are quite a few striking similarities. And so, you may be interested to know about the relationship experiences your partner needs to feel close to you, based on their zodiac sign, so that you can try to give them what they need in the relationship.

"Every sign is capable of having healthy, loving, and long-lasting committed relationships," Rachel Lang, an intuitive astrologer, tells Romper in an email exchange. "Astrology is a tool you can use to better understand yourself and others. When you learn your sign’s traits and tendencies, you can make conscious choices within your relationship. Self-knowledge is power. The sun sign (your sign) is just one aspect of an entire birth chart. To see a more detailed picture of your relationship tendencies, consider having your whole chart read."

If you want your relationship to be long-lasting, healthy, and generally successful, you'll probably need to address some of the things that each of you needs in the relationship. Though some of these things that you need might change based on specific circumstances, there are also likely some more general experiences or qualities that you need in your relationship in order to feel super connected to your partner. Whether it's a conversation about your exes, dinner together every night, or something else entirely, depending on your personality, there will be different things that'll help you thrive. Your zodiac sign can help give you some insight into what some of those things are — and why you need them — and your partner's zodiac sign can make their relationship requirements clearer as well.

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1Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)


For an Aquarius, fighting on behalf of causes that they care about can be super important. So one of the things that you could do together might be volunteering for causes that you're both passionate about. Additionally, because those born under Aquarius like to plan for the future, it'll be important for you to have open and honest conversations about where you see the relationship going and the kind of future you envision for yourselves. And since an Aquarius typically enjoys smart conversation, if you two can learn from one another, debate topics that you care about, or share interesting reading materials, that might help you feel connected as well. "They also need intellectual conversations and a partner with whom to share ideas and dreams," Lang notes.

2Pisces (February 19 — March 20)


People born under Pisces tend to be artistic, so taking an art class together can be a good way for the two of you to connect. Not only that, but since Pisces is a water sign and those born under it can be emotional and empathetic, talking walks near water together can also bring you closer together. Finally, people born under Pisces are romantics and often very musical, so romantic date nights set to music (at a concert or at home) could be just the thing to strengthen your bond.

3Aries (March 21 — April 19)


People who were born under Aries are super competitive, so one of the ways that the two of you can get closer together is to make housework and other chores into a competition. Additionally, those born under Aries value openness and honesty because that's what they are themselves, so having honest conversations about past relationships can help them feel close to you. And since they love physical challenges, doing things together like training for a marathon, exploring on challenging hikes, and other activities can help you feel more connected.

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4Taurus (April 20 — May 20)


Because a Taurus likes to do things that are hands-on and likes romance, making a habit of cooking dinner together each night can be something that helps the two of you connect. Also, since a Taurus can be somewhat ambitious, setting common goals that the two of you can work towards together can be important for your relationship. They're loyal and sometimes overprotective, so going to them when you need to be cheered up can also help strengthen your bond.

5Gemini (May 21 — June 20)


If your partner was born under Gemini, they value communication, so starting or ending the day talking to one another can be one thing that helps them feel close to you. Additionally, because they're wise, emotionally intelligent, and resourceful, using them as a sounding board and asking them for advice can be a good idea. Those born under Gemini also value adventure and exploration, so trying new things together can help the two of you feel connected. "They also need variety; try new restaurants, plan unique date nights, and socialize with interesting people," Lang says. "These types of things will keep Gemini from getting bored."

6Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


People born under Cancer are, by nature, nurturing, so caring for you when you're sick, stressed, or otherwise in need, will help them feel close to you. Additionally, because family is so important to them, meeting and getting to know your family will actually help strengthen the bond between the two of you. Creativity is something that Cancers have in spades, so doing creative things together, whether that's taking an art class, working on your house, or making homemade gifts for family or friends can help you feel connected.

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7Leo (July 23 — August 22)


Leos value recognition for a job well done, so complimenting them on their achievements, like making a really great meal, doing a good job designing their house, or planning and executing an impeccable birthday party or other event, can bring you two closer together.

Additionally, allowing them to take charge can sometimes be important. "Some Leos can tend to control situations with their overwhelming enthusiasm, forgetting that there are other people in the room," Jaye from GivedAstrology.com tells Romper in an email exchange. Let them plan a big date or be in charge of travel plans for a getaway.

Having conversations or experiences where you can both open up and be vulnerable can be important too. "This vulnerable spot may not be very comfortable for Leo initially because it’s easiest to put on a brave exterior, but the vulnerability of serving someone else’s needs will help a Leo relationship grow to new heights," Jaye says. "In turn, Leo’s partner must take the opportunity to express their needs, too. Together they'll rewrite a new definition of love as a couple." Face your fears together whether that's having a difficult conversation or going cliff-jumping.

8Virgo (August 23 — September 22)


If your partner is a Virgo, the two of you might need to regularly check-in with one another about how things are going in your relationship. "Virgo has a tendency to overanalyze everything, and this can lead them to questioning even the most amazing relationships," Lang says. "This happens when there’s relationship stress, especially. To prevent them from getting into their heads, Virgo needs communication and, especially, to process their concerns with their partners." They need open and honest communication and lots of support when the going gets tough.

Not only that, but since they tend to have very high expectations, as Lang explains, they need plenty of fun in their relationships. Plan spontaneous dates, do things together that they enjoy, and lighten the mood when they start to get too serious or focus on things that go wrong. Make errands fun so their to do list doesn't feel so daunting. Finally, because they're so thoughtful, but don't ask for credit, Lang says that it's important to make your Virgo partner feel appreciated for all they do. Surprise them with a small gift or an experience that the two of you can share and tell them how much you appreciate all they do to make your life better.

9Libra (September 23 — October 22)


Jaye says that Libras tend to be people-pleasers, so they can sometimes need some support and encouragement when it comes to talking about things that aren't OK. "Every relationship has its ups and downs, and even when a Libra doesn’t feel like sharing their needs they must be encouraged to do so," Jaye notes. "The key to beautiful, healthy Libra relationships is mutual sharing on a consistent basis." Maybe chatting with a couples counselor that they feel comfortable with would be helpful. Make sure you don't push them too far when trying to get them to share, however.

Also, Jaye says that solving problems or addressing conflicts creatively might help because Libras are also imaginative. "If Libra can’t get it into words right away, a partner can help them along by encouraging them to express their needs creatively, for example, by asking Libra to create a playlist of songs that represent their feelings about the relationship," Jaye suggests. And because Libras are romantic, leaving them sweet notes, cooking them a romantic dinner, cleaning up without them asking you to, or doing whatever they find romantic are all good things for you to do for them.

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10Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)


"Scorpio needs to feel a sense of security in relationships," Lang says. "As a fixed sign, when they make a commitment, they tend to stay invested in the relationship. Because trust tends to be an issue for them, they appreciate honesty in relationships." If your partner is a Scorpio, they need you to be honest about how committed you are (or aren't) to the relationship. Additionally, Lang says that they might need you to be vulnerable in order to be vulnerable themselves, so whether it's talking about mistakes you've made in previous relationships or your concerns for your current one, make sure that you can put yourself out there.

Sex is also an important part of relationships for Scorpios. "Scorpio needs deep conversations, passion, and sex to feel closer to their partners," Lang says. "They want to feel a sense of intimacy." Being vulnerable extends beyond emotional vulnerability.

11Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)


"When Sag is in a relationship, for them to feel closer to their partner they seek to connect on a level that fuels or stimulates their sense of adventure," Linda Furiate, an astrologer, tells Romper in an email exchange. Go hiking somewhere new, go on a spontaneous vacation, or try something new that's both exciting and maybe a little intimidating. Those born under Sagittarius also love anticipation. "What may draw the Sag closer to their partner is anticipation," Furiate says. "Take a kiss for example; it is the story or adventure that lead to the kiss." The anticipation before a kiss can be exciting, so if your partner is a Sagittarius, take things slow instead of rushing ahead.

Finally, because a Sagittarius craves adventure so much, they need you to keep things exciting in order for the two of you to stay connected. "Unfortunately, once the excitement is lost, the Sag is off [to] seek the next stimulating adventure," Furiate says.

12Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)


Furiate says that Capricorns value safety and security. "For them to feel closer to their partner they want to know and witness that their partner takes responsibility for their life and livelihood," she adds. Conversations about finances and how you manage money or approach budgeting might help a Capricorn feel connected to you. Additionally, Capricorns also really appreciate family relationships. "Attending a family dinner or gathering may allow the Capricorn to feel and experience the inner family dynamics," Furiate says. "Typically, Cap is seeking a more traditional family environment as this may make them feel more comfortable and safe." Make sure that you both are able to form relationships with each other's family because it might help strengthen the bond the two of you share.

"Capricorn enjoys talking about goals and aspirations, this will allow them to visualize a long-term relationship with this person," Furiate says. Talking about the way that each of you sees your future, as well as the goals you each have for different parts of your lives can help bring you closer together as a couple.

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