3 Steve And Nancy From 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes To Rock With Your SO

If you haven't caught on to the new wave that is Stranger Things, you've missed out on one of the greatest moments of pop culture from this past summer. Though the main characters like Dustin and Eleven have been getting a lot of the attention when it comes to the series, there's no way that high school sweethearts Steve and Nancy didn't make a lasting impression as well. That's why Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things Halloween costumes should be on your list of potential ideas to use this year.

Although many were left heartbroken when Nancy chose Steve over Jonathan (sorry for the spoiler), you can't help but go "aww" when you see the two love birds. Don't you remember falling in love in high school? Well, even if you don't, you can make it happen for the first time when you nail one of their looks this Halloween. From the day that their love started heating up to that one time they fought side by side, dressing and Steve and Nancy will prove that real love never dies — or hasn't caused you to die at the end of season one.

If you need a little direction on how to accomplish a legit Steve and Nancy costume this Halloween, these three choices could help you nail it.


The Beginning


Khaki Pants, $15, Old Navy | Boat Shoes, $23, American Eagle | Rugby Shirt, $19, Amazon | Gym Bag, $13, Amazon | Pink Cardigan, $20, Target | Blue Button Up, $20, H&M | White Tights, $6, Party City | Skirt, $15, TogShop | Tan Purse, $40, Target

Looking to show the start of Steve and Nancy's love story this Halloween? For Steve, all you'll need are a pair of khaki pants, brown boat shoes, a striped rugby shirt and orange gym bag. To get Nancy's look, you'll need a pink cardigan, blue button up, white tights, and wool below the knee skirt, and a tan purse. Don't forget Nancy's books.


The Demise/Discovery


Gray Jeans, $15, H&M | Striped Shirt, $23, JCrew | Shoes, $65, Kohls | Black Jeans, $6, H&M | Striped shirt, $50, J Jill | Tan Purse, $40, Target

For this super relaxed look for Steve and Nancy, you won't need much. To nail Steve, a pair of gray jeans, striped shirt and white and black shoes is all you need. For Nancy, get some black jeans, a striped sweater, and a tan purse.


The Reconnect


Blue Jeans, $35, JC Penney | T-Shirt, $8, H&M | Brown Pants, $25, JC Penney | Sweater, $38, Dress Barn | Brown Jacket, $30, Amazon

Fight off evil as Steve and Nancy in style this Halloween. To get Steve's look, pull out a pair of blue jeans and a gray long-sleeved t-shirt. And for Nancy, just get some brown pants, a multi-color sweater, and a brown jacket.