Jack, Sam and Castiel from Supernatural
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'Supernatural' Is Back & There Are Some Wild Theories You Need To Check Out

Supernatural is back with the second half of Season 14, and things are getting wild. Michael is in Dean’s body, and his Thanos snap (hehe) has sent all of his monsters loose. This is a show where things regularly go off the deep end, and nothing is out of play, from heaven to hell and back down again. So let’s dig into these 3 Supernatural theories that I’ve been mulling over.

What is known right now is that Sam and Castiel are going to be spending the next episode trying to figure out how to get Dean back. The synopsis for Supernatural Episode 10, “Nihilism,” is as follows: “Michael retakes control of Dean as his army of monsters continue to move in; Sam devises a plan to reach Dean and stop Michael before anyone else dies.” Not much to go on there, but the trailer for the episode is seriously jam-packed with excitement.

As long as Supernatural has been around, there have been fan theories about the show. What fun would it be to watch demons, angels, and the like without trying to figure out some semblance of order or pattern to it all? I can’t offer you that, but I can give you these dedicated viewers’ intriguing thoughts and opinions on what’s happened and where things are going next.

John Isn’t In Heaven

The announcement that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be returning for Supernatural’s 300th episode was met with a lot of joy by many, and a little bit of hesitation by others. You’ll recall that his character, John Winchester, hasn’t been a regular part of the show since Season 2. There are some flashbacks in following seasons, as well as plenty of callbacks to the vital character (he is Sam and Dean’s dad and basically the reason the events of the pilot occur at all). But now, Morgan will be returning for a single episode to hopefully offer “some closure,” he says.

So where has Papa Winchester been for the last decade (or however long it’s been in Supernatural time)? Honestly, no one knows. One redditor, Crazy Impala, thinks that, despite being freed from Hell, he’s not in Heaven, since he wasn’t seen by his sons in either location during their various trips. Instead, they think that John is using the Impala as an anchor in order to keep an eye on his boys.

The nice thing about this theory is that there’ll likely be some kind of an answer in the 300th episode. Even if he’s not anchored to Earth, John is likely somewhere watching over Dean and Sam.

The Winchester Bros. Are Dead

OK, so it’s been established that everyone dies on this show. And comes back to life. And dies again. It’s kind of exhausting. But this theory from reditor FTWinchester takes it a step further. They claim that when Sam and Dean died in the Season 5 finale “Swan Song,” they stayed dead. Apparently, everything that has occured from Season 6 on has been “playing out in their minds.”

Yeah, that’s a trip. This kind of comes back to the idea that the Supernatural was only meant to last five seasons, which is pretty well-accepted at this point. But this alternative feels a lot like the whole “it’s all happening in your head” cop-out, ala St. Elsewhere and the original Roseanne. And considering things are usually a lot more complicated than that on Supernatural, this one is doubtful.

Dean Is God

Yup, that’s the extent of this one… but not really, because redditor LudivicoSpecs gets really, really in depth. There’s so much compiled evidence here that Dean is actually God that it would take more time than anyone really has on hand to read — but if you’re so inclined, go right ahead. In general, you can skim and see that this fan dissected everything from song choices to biblical names to very specific quotes in many different episodes. They even get into the whole Chuck reveal, and that still doesn’t change their mind.

So obviously there’s some weight to this, but, as one commenter said, the writers probably didn’t put quite that much time and thought into every one of those moments, and this is a bit of a stretch (especially since Michael has taken over his body — would God really allow that?). But honestly, who knows at this point? Crazier things have happened on Supernatural.