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These Theories Totally Prove Taylor Swift's Song "Delicate" Is About Joe Alwyn

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past several weeks, you know that Taylor Swift's album Reputation was scheduled to drop at midnight on Nov. 10. And drop it did. Since then, the internet has been swarmed with theories and thoughts about Swift's new songs. Who are they about? What do the lyrics mean? One song fans have seemed to hone in on is "Delicate," which could be about Joe Alwyn. But is that really the case? Well, first let's break down these lyrics and see what we're working with.

This is for the best / My reputation has never been worse so / You must like me for me / We can’t make any promises now can we babe? / But you can make me a drink
Dive bar on the east side where you at / Phone lights on my nightstand in the black / Come here you can meet me in the back / Dark jeans and your Nikes look at you / Oh damn never seen that color blue / Just think of the fun things we could do
Cause I like you / This is for the best / My reputation’s never been worse so / You must like for me / We can’t make any promises now can we babe? / But you can make me a drink

So why does all of this make me think that Swift's current beau Alwyn was at the forefront of her mind when composing this sweet tune? I'm glad you asked!

The Romantic Tone

When you're dealing with lyrics like "Sometimes I wonder when you’re asleep / Are you ever dreaming of me / Sometimes when I look into your eyes / I pretend you’re mine all the damn time" it's obviously going to make you think she's referring to her current love interest, which points directly to Alwyn. Swift is known for writing songs former flames and how their break up made her feel. But this is clearly a love song about a relationship that is still blooming. So could it really be anyone besides Alwyn?

It's All About The Eyes

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At one point Swift sings "never seen that color blue." Any guesses as to what color Alwyn's eyes are? Granted, I know this is a minor detail, given how many people in the world have blue eyes. But that list gets cut down significantly when you think of it in terms to the number of people currently close to Swift in a romantic capacity. And Alwyn has some very nice baby blues. Definitely noteworthy enough to be song material.

The Song Title Says It All

At first glance, you may think "Delicate" isn't giving too much away. But if you think about it, Swift's relationship with Alwyn has been extremely private — more so than any other person she's dated. Doesn't it make you think she's trying extra hard to be delicate with this relationship? OK, so maybe I'm reading too much into this, but really, isn't that all part of the fun? And honestly, sometimes the most subtle details can be very telling.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, it seems painstakingly clear that Alwyn is at the very forefront of this song. Will we ever know this for sure? Perhaps not, but I think the evidence speaks for itself in this case. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go listen to this entire album all over again, because honestly, once just wasn't enough.

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