3 Things That Happen To Your Breasts During Second Trimester Sex

Many pregnant women feel pretty good during their second trimester. The extreme tiredness and sometimes nausea that plagues the first trimester have faded. The bump is starting to show, but you can still see your toes. The hormones that wrecked havoc on your body in those initial weeks are starting to chill out a bit. In fact, those hormones may even rev up your sex drive. If you're wanting to jump in the sack you may be wondering about the things that happen to your breasts during second trimester sex.

For sure, your boobs will be huge. That is a definite. The Baby Center noted that a pregnant woman's breasts might increase up to one or two cup sizes during pregnancy. Some women may find the extra weight of their breasts during sex to be a nuisance or painful. You might find wearing a bra for support during sex to be more comfortable.

In addition to the extra weight, your boobs will likely be extremely tender and possibly sore. According to What To Expect you can thank a surge in hormones estrogen and progesterone for breast sensitivity. If breast groping and nipple stimulation used to feel good during pre pregnancy sex, it may not right now and you might have to give it a break. The same website noted that your nipples may protrude more than they used to even when you're not in the mood for sex. They will probably be super sensitive. Which sounds great, but it might not feel great.

Your nipples will also most likely leak. A pregnant body is going through a bazillion changes including becoming a 24/7 milk machine. Your breasts are gearing up to produce milk and according to Parents, they might leak or squirt a bit if they're being massaged or stimulated or if you're aroused. Some colostrum, or pre-milk that is thick and yellow, may come out during sex which is totally normal.

It's also entirely possible that all of this breast and nipple sensitivity is a positive thing. Pregnant women report having really intense orgasms due to the increased blood flow in their breasts and whole genital area. Who knows, maybe you could experience your first breast orgasm (yes, they're real) while pregnant?

The important thing to remember is that your breasts are changing all throughout the pregnancy. And what used to feel good or look a certain way during your pre pregnancy sex, might not feel or look the same way now and that's OK. Boobs come in all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities. Learning to work with your essentially new boobs while pregnant will bode well for everyone in bed.