3 Ways To Eat Triscuits That Take Your Snacking To The Next Level

by Autumn Jones

In my world, a well collected arrangement of snacks counts as a meal. I prefer an assortment of small plates to one, lonely dish. Why limit my taste buds to a single entree when there are so many delicious bites to explore? When I crave this style of eating at home, nothing makes me happier than a pantry staple that can make more than one treat. Good thing there are some awesome things to make with Triscuits.

Pantry staples like Triscuits are a great thing to stock up on, so you always have a sleeve or two on hand. Those crunchy little crackers make it easy to throw together an appetizer or two when people drop by without any notice. Beyond that, when a snack attack strikes, you can create a variety of small bites to satisfy your craving.

For years we have known Triscuits as dip's favorite sidekick, but now it is coming out of the shadows and taking center stage on the party food scene. Whether topped with classic sandwich combinations — like ham, cheese, and pickles — or turned into a sweet dessert bite, the Triscuit is proving it's can do more than sit on a platter next to sliced cheese. If you're ready to have your cracker world rocked, try one of these 5 ways to eat Triscuits that will take your snacking to the next level.


Triscuits With Dark Rum Caramel Sauce & Chocolate Chips

Averie Cooks created this sweet and salty treat as a through back to her college days of late night snacking. The easy to assemble Triscuits with dark rum caramel sauce and chocolate chips are a fun idea for a simple party appetizer.


5-Ingredient Triscuit Snacks

Foodie Crush has the mother load of bite-size snack ideas. Try one (or all) of these six 5 ingredient Triscuit snacks. My top pick? It's a toss up between mozzarella and pesto Triscuit and goat cheese, strawberry, and balsamic glaze Triscuit.


Kitchen S'mores

This idea is perfect for when you're craving a s'more, but don't have a campfire. Making Jelly Toast Blog's kitchen s'mores is easy, and you don't even have to bundle up and go outside.

Images: Courtesy of Jelly Toast Blog; Averie Cooks; Foodie Crush; Jelly Toast Blog