3 Reasons To NEVER Sleep With A Tampon

For me, there's really nothing worse than getting my period. Though I know it's a totally natural part of life that I just can't skip, it's probably the most uncomfortable and annoying part of being a female. Not everyone may agree with that statement, but I just can't find a way to celebrate random leaking and horrible cramping. Although tampons are usually my first choice when it comes to my cycle, every since I found out the weird things that happen if you sleep with a tampon, I try to reserve my wearing of them to the daytime and when I know I'll have time to change them out as often as they need.

Since I'm always on the go, it's more convenient to travel with tampons, but I've found that the same thing is not applicable to sleeping in them. Every woman has experienced the shock and upset to waking up in the morning with a bit of dried blood on their sheets from leaking, but, according to Glamour wearing a tampon to bed increases the chances of leaking if you have a heavier flow. Not fun.

So while wearing a tampon to sleep is totally up to every woman's discretion, these three weird things could possibly help you steer clear of doing so.


You May Encounter Toxic Shock Syndrome

Though it's a rare illness, toxic shock syndrome is very serious. According to Kids Health, toxic shock syndrome is linked through the use of tampons and affects the whole body. It is caused by bacteria that creates toxins and if your body can't fight the toxins off, many of the body's organ systems are affected. Changing your tampon regularly while you're menstruating can help keep your risk of getting TSS even lower.


You'll Start To Leak

Every woman has had that unfortunate morning where they've woken up only to see the dried blood stain on their sheets from their period leaking through. Unfortunately, wearing your tampon at night can be the cause of that. In order to decrease the chance of leaking, Glamour suggested sleeping in a fetal position, which will squeeze your legs together and cut down on the chances of the blood leaking out.


You Could Experience Vaginal Dryness

According to Self, if you're not using the right absorbency tampon, it can result in vaginal dryness. Though that doesn't specifically occur from wearing your tampon while your sleep, wearing a tampon not right for your absorbency during that time can amp up the dryness.