3 Zodiac Pairings Most Likely To Have Emotionally Immature Relationships

by Lindsay E. Mack

There are plenty of opinions about which Zodiac signs are the most compatible, but it's fun to turn this idea on its head. Learning about the Zodiac pairings most likely to have emotionally immature relationships is fascinating for its own reasons. Basically, it's a peek at which signs might stir up the most drama if they try to get together. And who doesn't like a little drama?

Hey, if you can use the stars to find the love of your life, why not use astrology to figure our who is probably not that compatible with your sign? It's almost more fun to see who will butt heads with you. At the very least, it might explain why some past relationships didn't pan out as hoped.

Of course, this doesn't mean these signs should never get together. It's just that these particular couples might get under one another's skin more easily. You might have to work a little harder to see the other person's point of view and maintain a stable relationship.

So however mature they might be otherwise, these three sign pairings are most likely to develop into childish relationships. Read on to see whether your sign or your partner's made the list.


Taurus & Scorpio

These two signs just might bring out the worst in one another. "This is arguably the worst combination of any two signs," wrote Kirsten Corley, who ranked all 144 zodiac pairings for Thought Catalog. Although that may sound strong, it isn't an overstatement. In general, Taurus signs are known for being persistent to the point of stubbornness, according to Ganesha Speaks. Meanwhile, Scorpios are intense and passionate, as noted in Horoscope. Put these two together, and it just might be too much drama for one couple. There's a danger of the Taurus and Scorpio pairing becoming too possessive in a relationship, according to Astrology-Zodiac-Signs. Neither one knows when to stop.


Gemini & Capricorn

When these two signs pair up, it might result in chaos. They're pretty different people, after all. Outgoing, clever, and sometimes impulsive, Gemini are a fun-loving sign, as explained in PrepScholar. On the other hand, the biggest Capricorn traits include their famously stoic and self-reliant natures, as well as a tendency to become workaholics, according to Cosmopolitan. Well, you can guess what happens when the party animal and the careerist try to form a relationship. In many cases, the Gemini and Capricorn pairing will just lead to frustration for both of them, according to Your Tango. The Gemini might see their partner as a bore, while the Capricorn wishes their SO would just grow up already.


Leo & Scorpio

This pair can result in some serious personality clashes. For starters, Leos are known for their bold, theatrical personalities, according to Allure. They like the spotlight. Not to be outdone, Scorpios are intense and competitive, according to Astrostyle. When they get together, it's a little too much energy for one relationship. In fact, Leo and Scorpio couples might eventually burn out on each other's bold personalities, according to Buzzfuse. Some zodiac signs tend to clash in the romance department.