30 Hilarious GIFs Of Toddlers Being Toddlers That'll Get You Through The Day

No matter what side of the political aisle you're on, you have to admit that these last few weeks have been emotionally draining. If you find yourself in need of some cheering up, these 31 hilarious gifs of toddlers being... toddlers will seriously lift your spirits and improve your mood. That's because you can't not smile when you see these classic toddler moves. Just be forewarned that if you're viewing these gifs at your desk, your laughter will disturb your coworkers!

When my eldest daughter was a tot, I thought that her little quirks were all her own. But now that my second daughter has entered the toddler phase, I completely understand that there are just some things that are oh-so-toddler. There seems to be some universal toddler traits that are shared by little tots the world over. From their complete and utter obsession with water play, to the diva behavior they exhibit when it's time to get packed into the car — toddlers have their ways of driving us up the wall and making us laugh all at the same time.

Whether you have a toddler at home, or just want to witness the joys of toddlerhood, here are 31 gifs that will make you smile so hard your face will hurt.


They Have Killer Dance Moves

If you want to see real dance moves, put some Beyonce on Spotify and let your toddler cut loose.


Toddlers love diggers

Toddlers are obsessed with construction equipment... and dirt.


They're (Sometimes) Ruthless

If your toddler was the first in line but now has some company, be prepared for things to get a little cut-throat.


They're Animal Whisperers

Animals will let them get away with pretty much anything.


They're Indestructible

There are more than a few ways to go down the stairs, right?


They're Divas

You know you have a toddler on your hands when the word "No" enters their lexicon.


They Man-Handle Pets

Your toddler will dominate your pet, completely and utterly. Ears will be pulled. Tails will be yanked. Cats will be bathed.


They're Klutzy

Sure, your little one has a lot going for them, but general coordination is probably not one of them.


The Paint (the easel, always the easel)

Easels are the canvas, people!


10 .They're OBSESSED with Water

No matter what the question, the answer is water.


They Have To Pick The Flower

Popping heads off flowers is in their DNA.


They Love Sibling Time

Watching siblings play is like watching WWF Superstars of Wrestling. Full body slams included.


They're Carseat Divas

Never mess with a toddler in a carseat.


They're Harsh Critics

Toddlers are the original mean girls.


They Celebrate Little Victories

Toddlers know when to applaud themselves for a job well done... and not.


They Have The Cutest Expressions

When they flash you that smile, it's all over.


Everything is a Hat

Everything eventually will be put on or over their heads.


They Have Great Timing

They know when to turn up the cuteness.


Their Enthusiasm Is Contagious

When a toddler is excited, everyone is excited.


They're Great Workout Buddies

They work so hard, they really do.


Chores are impossible

When carrying the bowl to the sink is just. so. hard.


Toilet Paper Is Toddler Catnip

Pull it, eat it, hide it, you name it. Your toddler can't resist messing with your TP.


They Always Try To Pour

There will be spills.


This Is How They React To New Foods

They could win an Oscar for their reactions to new foods.


They Never Know Who Broke The Thing

Broken lamp? Broken glass? Broken TV remote? "It wasn't me!"


They Make Great Nap Buddies

They are unbelievably squishably cute when they sleep.


They Know How To Back Track

They know when to get the heck out of dodge.


They Hate Brushing Hair

Brushing their hair? Oh honey, please.


Lotion is Irresistable

If you have a quiet toddler, chances are, you also have a room full of lotion.


They Sometimes Look Drunk

They walk, talk, and dance like they're just a little bit wasted all the time!