30 Genius Baby And Toddler Products Invented By Moms

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When you become a parent, you enter this incredible universe where, all of a sudden, a plethora of products you never knew you needed become must-have items. From elephant-shaped medicine dispensers to a blowout-blocker diaper extension, we as parents come face to face with a multitude of genius problem-solving products designed to keep our kids safe and healthy. And because, as they say, necessity is the mother of inventions, it makes sense that some of the best baby products on the market are products invented by moms.

Practical parents don't want to fill up their homes with so many gadgets and creative trinkets that they barely have room left for anything else. But they do want to be in the know when it comes to baby and children's products that can solve problems they didn't even know could pop up.

These genius items aren't just products — they're solutions for common issues that a lot of new parents are either dealing with now or will likely encounter at some point. Whether you're a looking to downsize your ever-expanding diaper bag with products that do double duty or you're looking for a faster way to make formula, there are so many innovative products that practical parents will appreciate.

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