30 Genius Baby And Toddler Products Invented By Moms

by Lisa Fogarty

When you become a parent, you enter this incredible universe where, all of a sudden, a plethora of products you never knew you needed become must-have items. From elephant-shaped medicine dispensers to a blowout-blocker diaper extension, we as parents come face to face with a multitude of genius problem-solving products designed to keep our kids safe and healthy. And because, as they say, necessity is the mother of inventions, it makes sense that some of the best baby products on the market are products invented by moms.

Practical parents don't want to fill up their homes with so many gadgets and creative trinkets that they barely have room left for anything else. But they do want to be in the know when it comes to baby and children's products that can solve problems they didn't even know could pop up.

These genius items aren't just products — they're solutions for common issues that a lot of new parents are either dealing with now or will likely encounter at some point. Whether you're a looking to downsize your ever-expanding diaper bag with products that do double duty or you're looking for a faster way to make formula, there are so many innovative products that practical parents will appreciate.

1. A Clever Solution For Keeping Toddlers From Ripping Up Toilet Paper Rolls

Mom Invented TP Saver, $6, Amazon

The TP Saver might just be the only thing — short of barricading your bathroom door — that will stop your baby or toddler from destroying a roll of toilet paper. Slip the device over your TP roll and it instantly locks it into place so that a baby can only pull one sheet at a time off the roll. Adult and older kids should have no problem unlocking the TP Saver quickly and reattaching it.


2. An Adorable Elephant That Guards Pacifiers

WabbaNub Elephant Pacifier, $14, Amazon

An amazing device that keeps pacifiers in place, the WabbaNub elephant pacifier consists of a plush animal that is attached to a medical-grade silicone pacifier that is also free of latex, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate. The animal is meant to both soothe a baby and help keep pacifiers from getting lost. You can also purchase different WabbaNub stuffed animals that include a giraffe, penguin, monkey, and more.


3. A Warm Wearable Swaddle That Is Reminiscent Of Being In The Womb

Woombie Original One Step Baby Swaddle, $28, Amazon

After her little one kept breaking free from a classic swaddle, Karen Warski invented the Woombie, which is a zip-up swaddle that functions as both a blanket and secure swaddle that they can't escape (not that they'd want to). Your baby might look odd but they love to feel snug and held tight — a sweet reminder of the womb.


4. A Snug Padded Sleepsuit For Babies That Break Out Of Swaddles

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, $40, Amazon

This Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit offers a swaddle transition padded pajama suit that helps muffle their reflexive startles (the shakes that can wake them in the middle of the night) and is warm and super cozy. It was invented by a mom of four who is also a pediatric physical therapist.


5. Booger Wipes That Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin

Boogie Wipes, $11, Amazon

Even if your baby doesn't have sensitive skin, repeatedly wiping their noses with tissues or regular baby wipes can irritate their delicate skin. But these mom-invented Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline, aloe, chamomile, and Vitamin E and are unscented — which makes them safe and nourishing to the skin.


6. An Interactive Pillow That Can Do It All

Snuggwuff Wiggle Free Pillow, $26, Amazon

The Snuggwuff wiggle-free pillow can be used to keep your baby secure while changing diapers on the go, is perfect for tummy time or as extra support in a stroller or shopping cart, and boasts crinkly materials and cute images to keep a baby occupied. Older babies can benefit from its pockets, where flashcards and even an iPhone can be placed for additional entertainment options.


7. A Comfortable Cushion For Your Car Seat Handle

The Padalily Handle Cushion, $17, Amazon

Baby car seat handles can be murder on your hands and arms, especially as your baby grows. The high-resistance cotton Padalily handle cushion can be attached with velcro to the handle as extra padding for your arm. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors and prints.


8. A Bee That Makes Doctor Trips A Lot Less Painful

Buzzy XL, $60, Amazon

This adorable Buzzy XL can make trips to the pediatrician for shots a little less painful for both babies and parents. It's a handheld device made from medical grade plastic that can be held on the skin after an injection or finger prick that actually minimizes the pain immediately. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's adorable which makes it a great visible distraction for little ones, as well.


9. A Changing Pad That Makes All Other Pads Seem Tiny

Patemm Diaper Changing Pad, $72, Amazon

Mom Grace Welch was frustrated by standard changing pads, which tend to be so small they can't accommodate many wiggly babies. So she invented the Patemm diaper changing pad, an extra large, round, roomy, waterproof and washable pad that folds up into a compact bundle and can be used to store diapers and wipes. Sure, you may get strange looks when you pull this unconventional pad out, but you'll get as many moms and dads questioning where they can score one.


10. Socks With A 'Lock' So Babies Can't Rip Them Off Their Feet

Socks On, $13 (Pack of 3), Amazon

Parents understand the reality of finding baby socks all over the house and wondering if they'll ever be able to keep matching pairs together for longer than a week. Socks On was developed by mom Kenzi Levy, who obviously got this dilemma and responded with cute socks that contain a woven elastic material to "lock" them to babies feet. They can pull and pull (and they will), but these socks won't budge.


11. A Cute Teether And Sensory Necklace For Parents

Chewbeads Jane Necklace, $30, Amazon

Babies love chewing and pulling on our jewelry — total baby fact. One mom wisely invented a safe way to do that with Chewbeads Jane necklace, a necklace and teether that a parent can wear and that can provide a soothing experience for teething babies. Each necklace is made with 100 percent medical grade silicone, is free from BPA, phthalates, lead, metals, and cadmium, and can serve as sensory tools for when a baby is nursing. Also, they're super cute!


12. A Nipple That Turns Water Bottles Into Baby Bottles

Refresh-a-Baby Water Bottle Adapter, $7, Amazon

Make it a habit to keep a Refresh-a-Baby water bottle adapter in your diaper bag at all times and your reward will be an innovative nipple that can be attached to most water bottles and instantly convert them to baby bottles. Pour in formula or milk and you've done. The nipples are BPA and phthalate free and ideal for babies ages birth to 12 months.


13. A Wearable Texturized Teething Mitt

Munch Mitt Teething Mitten, $15, Amazon

These texturized teething mittens are genius — babies wear them on their hands and benefit from pain-relieving textures and soothing crinkle sounds. This BPA and phthalate-free mitt, which comes in five colors and is machine washable, also keeps babies and toddlers from sucking their thumbs and potentially hurting themselves.


14. A Cute Cow That Keeps Pacifiers Safe And Sound

The Original PullyPaltz Pacifier Holder, $20, Amazon

The Shark Tank-famous PullyPaltz pacifier holder features the cutest plush cow in which you attach pacifiers so that they won't fall on the ground or get lost behind the couch. Attach it to a baby carrier or bouncer and babies can decide when they want their binkies and when they've had enough.


15. A Breathable, Multifunctional Nursing And Infant Car Seat Cover

Milk Snob, $36, Amazon

When mom of three Melanie Disbrow moved to the U.S. from Germany, she was discouraged by the lack of breathable infant car seat covers she found, so she created a multifunctional car seat and nursing cover and presented it on Shark Tank, where it won over the sharks and parents across the country. This stylish cover offers 360-degree coverage and can also be used in shopping carts, as a highchair cover, or as a blanket.

One mom reviewer says she would definitely recommend this to any new mother: "I have a two month old infant and have been using this nursing cover when he was born. I love it. I can pull the head hole down just slightly to hold his head and watch him feed without exposing myself at all. I've also found that it doesn't stretch out even though I've done this over and over again."


16. A Huge Water And Sand-Repellant Play Mat That Folds Into A Satchel

Mega Monkey Mat, $25, Amazon

When two moms bonded over sharing the same dilemma — there simply aren't enough germ-free spaces in public places in which to rest a child — the idea for the Mega Monkey Mat was born. A Shark Tank favorite, this BPA and toxin-free 5- by 8-foot mat is water and sand-repellant, soft, lightweight, durable, and features a center loop that lets you attach toys to it. No matter where you take your kiddies, dirt, sand, and debris effortlessly slides right off of this mat. But what truly makes it stand out is its portability. You can fold this mat into a satchel that latches onto bags and strollers.


17. A Safe Wiggle-Free Changing Pad

PooPoose Wiggle-Free Diaper Changing Pad, $60, Amazon

Mom entrepreneur Dana Fort felt our pain and invented a wiggle-free diaper changing pad, complete with a soft, swaddle-like strap that holds a baby in and calms them during a changing. The removable hook and loop strap can be adjusted to fit newborn up to toddler age and all of the materials used are non-toxic.


18. A Sippy Cup With A Weighted Straw For Easier Independent Feeding

Lollaland Lollacup, $16, Amazon

If your older baby or toddler finds it challenging to sip through many straws, you're not alone. The mom and entrepreneur behind Lollacup found that her daughter faced the same problem, so she designed a valve-free sippy straw cup with a weighted end that makes it worlds easier to use and clean. The handles are easy to hold and encourage independent feeding in children as young as 9 months and the cup is dishwasher safe (and comes in six bright, fun shades).


19. A Seat Cover That Keeps A Baby Upright At Restaurants

Portable Easy Seat, $18, Amazon

Unlike clunky highchair seats, this portable seat is easy to fold up and store in a diaper bag and can even be machine washed. It soft features a five-point harness and an adjustable back so that it can fit on a variety of chairs to hold a baby in an upright position.


20. A Way To Never Have To Deal With A Diaper Blowout Again

Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension, $13, Amazon

Diaper blowouts are, hands down, the thing I dreaded most about the newborn stages. But they happen. The Blowout Blocker diaper extension, which can be attached to your baby's diaper to catch both tummy and up-the-back explosions which will keep you from having to wash your baby's onesies and clothing every 10 minutes.


21. A Visor To Keep Your Baby's Face From Getting Splashed In The Bath

Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor, $15, Amazon

This cushioned bath visor is made with soft silicone rubber which allows you to wash a baby's hair without water and soap getting on their face or in their eyes. It has a leek-proof, adjustable strap that promises a comfortable, tear-free bath experience.


22. A Zip-Up Swimsuit With Solid Sun Protection

Swimzip Long Sleeve Sunsuit, $37, Amazon

Beach babies don't have to miss out on all the fun because of worries about their delicate skin. It may look weirder than a traditional swimsuit, but this smart Swimzip long-sleeve sunsuit boasts a full zipper closure so that it's simple to remove and put on, chlorine and salt water resistant material, and UPF 50+ protection — which means it protects against 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Slather on sunscreen, zip them up in this cute suit, and they're ready to build sand castles.


23. A Brush That Keeps Diaper Cream Out Of Fingernails

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush, $10, Amazon

The BabyBum diaper cream brush is so simple, but genius. It's a 100 percent soft flexible silicone brush that allows you to apply diaper cream to your baby's bum without ever touching the stuff. It's easy to clean, makes it easier to apply thicker layers of cream than with your fingers alone, and it features a suction cup at the base of the handle to keep surfaces cream-free.


24. A Zipper-Less Clothing Line To Prevent Painful Stuck Zippers

Magnificent Baby Unisex-Baby Infant Cream Hooded Bear Pram, $44-50, Amazon

Many baby outfits come with zippers, which is fine until your baby experiences the pain of a zipper getting caught in his skin or in her hair. Then, ouch. The Magnificent Baby clothing line takes care of that problem by replacing zippers with Smart Close magnetic technology, making the act of dressing your baby a painless breeze for you both.


25. A Detangling Brush For Combing Without Crying

Knot Genie Detangling Brush, $14, Amazon

If you have a child who runs from the bathroom screaming when it's time to brush their hair, this no-tangle hair brush is the genius, mom-invented product you need. With a cloud-shaped top that slides easily into the palm of your hand, it feels natural in your hands and has shorter bristles that detangle without the pain (and thus fewer tears).

"This brush is amazing!" wrote one reviewer. "My 2 year old daughter has waist long hair and we considered cutting it because of how difficult brushing it had become. We (gave) this to her for Christmas and it brushed her hair from knotted to silk smooth in under a minute, without her complaining of it hurting!"


26. A Sturdy, Non-Slip Leash That Grips Onto Cups And Toys So They Don't Fall

BooginHead SippiGrip Cup Holder, $8, Amazon

Never again will you have to deal with your baby's cup falling to the ground 100 times in one trip to the store — this mom-invented cup holder attaches to car seats, strollers, and high chairs and keeps cups in place. The patented grip material clings perfectly to sippy cups, bottles, and even toys. It's compliant with all U.S. safety guidelines, and the leash in adjustable, so it fits all furniture heights.

One mom reviewer writes: "We haven't used it much since we kept this attached to our stroller during a week at Disney World in order to keep water on hand without the worry of dropping and losing the sippy cup. It worked great. The sippy cup, an older version of the Playtex Sipster, fit well. I would recommend using this with a sippy that curves inward, lessening the likelihood of the strap slipping or being pulled off. The velcro is very strong. Even when the older kids pulled on it it didn't come off."


27. A Potty Hook That Gives You A Hygienic Place To Put A Training Seat

Idea Factory Potty Hook, $3, Amazon

Is your toddler's potty seat just sort of hanging out there on the floor next to your toilet? Join the club of parents who know that's not the best place for it, but are out of options. This mom-invented potty hook gives you a more hygienic option — it attaches to the side of most toilets and accommodates nearly all potty seats. You'll instantly eliminate bathroom clutter and your toddler can easily reach the seat when needed, without your help.


28. Fun Tinkle Targets That Keep Boys From Making A Wild Mess While Potty Training

Mom Invented Potty Training Tinkle Targets, $5, Amazon

Leave it to a brilliant mom to come up with a way for little boys to use the potty without using their urine for target practice. These tinkle targets consist of simple, small, flushable papers designed with illustrations of motorcycles and cars. A sizable hole cut out in the middle of each paper provides a focal point for boys to use when urinating. When they're finished doing their business, you flush these sheets down the toilet and marvel at how little clean-up is involved.


29. Half Belts That Don't Have To Be Removed When Changing Diapers & Using The Potty

Dapper Snapper Toddler Adjustable Belt, $10, Amazon

It's a common dilemma: Your toddler's pants are just slightly too roomy at the waist, but they hate wearing belts for an understandable reason — they're so tricky to remove when trying to use the potty independently. These genius toddler adjustable belts are adjustable to four sizes and tighten pants from the back, so they needn't be removed while potty training or changing diapers. They're ideal for children ages 9 months to 5 years, one size fits all, and they come in neutral shades like navy, black, and beige. Plus, they'll help you save you tons of money on clothing. What's not to love?


30. A Reusable Cloth Diaper That Grows With Babies And Lets You Customize For Absorbency Needs

bumGenius One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, $20, Amazon

Love reusable cloth diapers but struggle to find sizes that accommodate your growing child? This one-size pocket cloth diaper, invented by mom Jennifer Labit, fits babies who weigh between 7 and 35 pounds and features snap downs on the front that can be adjusted as your little one grows. For newborns, there's a fold-down insert stopper that fits well and — perhaps the best part — there are two inserts that let you customize the kind of absorbency you need (night or day, light or heavy). Plain and simple, this is an extraordinarily comfortable cloth diaper that you'll be able to reuse for years.

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