30 Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards Your Boo's Gonna Love

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays you just can't ignore. Right after Christmas all the drug stores and department stores are filled with heart-shaped candies and pink and red flowers just make you feel all warm inside — or not, depending on your preferences and quite possibly also your current relationship status. For many, Valentine's Day is a special day for celebrating a special person in their life. If you fall in this category and want to make this holiday memorable, make sure you give your boo a hilarious Valentine's Day card. Nothing will make them happier than making them laugh. I mean, your humor is probably what got you guys together in the first place.

Whether it's a cute pun, a funny quote, or something about bacon, there's no better way to say, "I love you" than with a silly card. IMO, Silly trumps romantic every time. And thanks to online shopping, the options are endless, so there's no way you won't find the perfect card to express yourself to your partner, lover, friend with benefits, secret crush — whomever. So, instead of trying to woo your loved one with some cliché romantic gesture, make them chuckle, or literally LOL with one of these hilarious cards.


I Like You And Naps

I Like You and Naps, ($5, Etsy)

I mean a nap really is up there on everyone's list.


So, It Turns Out I Like You A lot More Than I Had Originally planned

I Like You More Than Planned ($3, Etsy)

Yup, they become your best friend, and that's how they trick you. This is also a good one if you're trying to hint at someone that you love them, but not quite yet ready to say the words — or, trying to hint that your feelings are definitely not in love territory just yet.


I Love You Like Hillary Loves A Pantsuit

Hillary Valentine's Day Greeting Card ($4, Etsy)

Mrs. Clinton sure does love her pantsuits, so I would say you must like this person a lot.


You're The Jim To My Pam

The Office Jim and Pam Valentine's Day Card ($5, Etsy)

Can we all agree that Jim and Pam's love saga is one of the greatest love stories of all time?


Thanks For All The Orgasms

Dirty Card ($5, Etsy)

To remind them what your love is all about.


I Like You Uh-Lot

Dumb & Dumber Like You Uh-Lot ($5, Etsy)

A hilarious card if you and your boo aren't ready to exchange "I Love You"s yet.


Love is...

Lying In Bed Valentine's Day Card ($4, Etsy)

This is such an accurate depiction of modern day love: laying in bed together, on your phones (probably texting each other).


Happy Valentines Fuck Buddy

F*ck Buddy Valentine's Card ($4, Etsy)

Because your f*ck buddy deserves some love this day, too.


You're My Rock

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Valentine's Day Card ($3, Etsy)

A pun any Dwayne Johnson fan would love, especially if they loved him during his wrestling days.


Are You A Candle? (Cause I Want To Blow You)

Dirty Valentine Card ($5, Etsy)

This card took a dirty turn, and for someone, it's going to be the perfect one.


Juana Be My Valentine?

Funny Weed Valentine Card ($5, Etsy)

You don't have to be a weed fan to appreciate the humor in this adorable card.


I Am Tortellini In Love With You

I Am Tortellini In Love With You ($3, Etsy)

Who doesn't love a good pun? This one is for all the foodies out there, and the cool thing is you can just print it out at home. You're on your own for the envelope, though.


You'll Do

Papercut Valentine's Card: You'll Do ($6, Etsy)

A card for the sarcastic lovers.


Love You Forever No Matter What

Love You No Matter What Valentine's Day Card ($3, Etsy)

I'm sure leaving the seat up has lead to divorces, but the strongest couples don't let it get to them. Seriously though, put the seat down, dude.


They Aren't Farts! They Are Love Clouds To Keep You Warm

Fart Valentine's Card ($3, Etsy)

You know your relationship has advanced to the next level when you and your partner are comfortably passing gas in front of each other. This is actually kind of a sweet way to look at farts: love clouds... that happen to smell a little.


My Heart Belongs To...

My Heart Belongs To ($4, Etsy)

Hey, at least you're being honest.


You Were Only Supposed To Be A One Night Stand

You Were Suppose To Be A One Night Stand ($4, Etsy)

Hopefully this isn't the first time they're hearing this!


The Only Thing I Want To Do This Valentine's Day Is You

Naughty Valentine's Day Card The Only Thing ($4, Etsy)

IMO, Valentine's Day should just be called National Everyone Do It Day.


You're The Criminal Who Stole my Heart

The Breakfast Club ($5, Etsy)

An adorable joke featuring my favorite character from The Breakfast Club.


We Make The Perfect Pair

Funny Valentines Card ($4, Etsy)

You can't poo without toilet paper, and you can't love without your S.O.


Just Like Bacon, You Make Everything Better

Bacon Valentine's Day Card ($10, Etsy)

There had to be a bacon card here somewhere. Seriously though, your love for bacon is no joking matter, but you can make an exception on Valentine's Day.


Loving You Is Yeezy

Kanye West Loving You is Yeezy Romantic, ($5, Etsy)

Like Sunday morning? How awesome would it be if Kim Kardashian got this for her hubby?


I Want To Hold Your Tiny Hand

I Want To Hold Your Tiny Hand Card T-Rex ($4, Etsy)

Cute dinosaurs plus a Beatles lyric equals the perfect Valentine's Day card.



Naughty Valentine's Day Card ($4, Etsy)

You don't even have to say it. We live in an era where emojis can say it sometimes better than words can.


I Never Thought I'd Find Anyone That Would Tolerate My Nonsense

Alternative Valentine's Day Card ($4, Etsy)

We all have our quirks — it's just a matter of finding the one who can tolerate you, and vice versa.


We Have Good Chemistry

Breaking Bad Chemistry Valentine's Card ($5, Etsy)

Is your Valentine a Breaking Bad fan? If so, this one's got their name on it.


I'd Spare A Square For You

Funny Valentine's Day Card ($5, Etsy)

There's a strange amount of toilet and poop cards out there...


I Love You More Than Tacos...

Love You More Than Tacos ($4, Etsy)

Wow, this is a big one!


I'm So Glad You Seduced Me With Your Charming Awkwardness

Funny Love Card ($5, Etsy)

To remind them that they didn't have the best A-game in the beginning, but that it worked nonetheless.


You're My Significant Otter

Otter Love Card ($5, Etsy)

Yes! This one wins cutest Valentine's Day pun.

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