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30 National Twin Day Captions So You Can Be #Twinning & #Winning

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Aug. 3 is National Twin Day, which means all you twins or twin moms out there can bust out your sweetest, funniest, sappiest, and sassiest National Twin Day Instagram captions and go to town. Perhaps you have a throwback your twin wouldn't appreciate (but you look fabulous in) you're just dying to post. Maybe you have adorable pictures of your twin babies you're all-too-happy to shamelessly share. Either way, today is your day. I mean, what is a national day celebrating the special bond twins share if not an excuse to go crazy on the ole gram, right?

These captions, gathered from all over the internet, capture a little bit of the twin experience — whether you're a twin yourself or a strong (and oh-so patient) twin mom. Being a twin means laughing together about mistaken identities, crying together about things only you two understand, and loving each other unconditionally since, after all, your twin knows you better than anyone else.

And being a twin mom means that having just one baby at any given moment feels like a vacation. Also, napping at red lights. Whether you're a self-proclaimed softie or an Instagrammer of few words, the following 30 captions will help you celebrate National Twin Day and share your favorite twin memories with the world. (Or at least your followers.)

"Some miracles come in pairs."


While the original author of this quote is unknown, it's easily one of the most popular. If you want to take it a step further, you can even buy wall decals (Amazon, $18.99) of the same quote to adorn your twins' nursery.

"The hospital was having a buy one, get one special."

This quote originated from Ecards, as reported by What To Expect. Clearly, this is for the smarty pants moms who are tired of people asking them no-brainer questions about her twins.

"Genes so nice, I made them twice."

This is another anonymous quote that's made the social media rounds, and is a great way to not only not-so-humble brag about your twin status, but to show off your rhyming skills, too.

"Raising multiples is a walk in the park... Jurassic Park."

This quote is a big Pinterest favorite, originating from, a site where you can buy onesies, shirts, nursery decorations, and other items to highlight and celebrate all things twins related.

"Two for the price of one? No, two for the price of two. The only thing these kids have shared is my uterus."

This quote comes from social media user x_deloria_x, and will definitely come in handy for moms whose twins are hitting that "mine mine mine" toddler stage.

"In this life we will never truly be apart, for we grew to the same beat of our mother's heart."

This quote is from Daphne Fandrich, according to, and is the perfect Instagram caption if your goal is to make your twin ugly cry.

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."

This quote has an unknown origin, but is an Etsy and Pinterest favorite. If showcasing this sentiment on the gram isn't enough, you can also purchase t-shirts, plaques, and keychains highlighting the same sentiment.

"I make two humans at a time, what's your superpower?"


Hulk? Meh. Wonder Woman? She's OK. Iron Man? He's, you know, kinda cool. But you're a twin mom, so all that world-saving is child's play when compared to your superpower: growing two humans inside your body at once. Another quote from Ecards, you can bet your you-know-what there are maternity shirts available (Amazon, $19.99) that'll let people outside the world of the gram know that you're a low-key superhero, too.

"I love my friend that I can't get rid of."

Isadora James is quoted as saying, "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." And Erinn Smart once said, "My brother is my best friend."

Those are sweet sentiments, to be sure, but you want to remind your twin brother or sister that you love them, yeah, but there are days when you low-key plot how to get away from them... even if it's just for a minute. You know, keep 'em on their toes.

"Happy National Twin Day! Your present is being related to me."

You're the gift that keeps on giving. And if this quote, of unknown origin, isn't enough, you can always buy your twin a shirt (Amazon, $16.99) to really drive the point home.

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins."

This quote is from Josh Billings, according to, and has to be borne out of some hard-earned wisdom and experience.

"I may be a twin, but I'm one of a kind."

This quote, according to What To Expect, comes from Jerry Smith, a professional football player who played for the Washington Redskins from 1965 to 1977.

"A good friend will babysit. A great friend will babysit twins."

Another anonymous quote for the twin moms who are looking to send a low-key SOS beacon during their National Twin Day celebrations.

"Twins. God’s way of saying, 'One of you is a rough draft.'"

Another Ecard favorite and perfect Instagram caption to stoke a little (healthy) sibling rivalry.

"Nothing can come betwin us."

You can buy wall art with the same quote (Twinning Store, $35) if you really want to drive the point home. But, on National Twin Day, an Instagram caption will do, too.

"All we do is twin, twin, twin no matter what."


A play off DJ Khaled's hit song "All I Do Is Win," featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg, if you thought you could buy a shirt with the same quote (Twinning Store, $24) you'd be right.

"Nothing scares me. I have twins."

Another quote of unknown origin that a twin mom can showcase on a t-shirt (Amazon, $19.99) or car decal (Etsy, $8).

"I had twins before Beyoncé made it cool."

Lemons and Limes Boutique sells t-shirts with the same quote (Lemons and Limes Boutique, $26.50), but there's no reason you should keep your humble bragging to the confines of your wardrobe. Boast via the internet, mama! You've earned it.

"When my twin takes a really good selfie... I steal it."

A quote of unknown origin that screams, "If you can't be honest on National Twin Day, when can you?"

"We're triplets, but we leave the ugly one at home."


It's unknown where this quote originated from, but it's made the social media rounds and, clearly, for a reason.

"Yes, we're twins. No, we can't read each other's minds."

Less of a quote and more of a declaration, this Instagram caption is taken from a list of things people really need to stop asking twins. Might as well set the record straight on National Twin Day, right?

"Born together, friends forever."

A quote of unknown origin that, again, can be turned into framed wall art (Etsy, $13.34), adorable onesies, (Etsy, $45) and wall decals (Etsy, $18.26).

"Sometimes you make a wish and are granted two."

Another anonymous quote for twin moms who want to highlight just how magical it is to wish for one baby, only to be granted two.

"Every time I've said 'I won't tell anyone,' I've always told my twin."


Might as well be honest, right? The origin of this quote is unknown, but use as an Instagram post and everyone is going to know that there are no secrets amongst twins.

"Thanks for never forgetting my birthday."

Credit where credit is due.

"I can do anything. I created two humans, after all."

Just like your superpower, you've been there, done that, and have the matching twin onesies to prove it. This is a great quote to celebrate yourself, twin mom, on National Twin Day.

"God creates twins when he makes a face he really likes."

This is an anonymous quote, according to What To Expect, and a great way twins can let their Instagram followers know that, yeah, they're aware of how good they look.

"I'll answer your questions, and laugh about them with other #twinmoms later."

Because the questions constantly asked of twin moms are ridiculous, at best. Might as well use them for a good laugh, right?

"One of us was unplanned."

This Reddit gem has the makings of a perfect Instagram caption: short, concise, and funny AF.

"My twin is the best birthday present I've ever received."

Sometimes, you just have to hit 'em with the feels. Another quote of unknown origin, this one is sure to make your twin thankful that you've been around since, well, always.