31 Gifs For Parents That Perfectly Describe Raising Children

Being a parent is part drama, part adventure, part comedy of errors. There is so much love, so many emotions, and just an unholy amount of poop. Seriously, you think it ends at potty training, but it does not. Not by a long shot. Between all the "ahh" moments, the belly laughs, and the tears that inevitably flow, it's hard to capture all of it with an image, but I've found these gifs for parents that perfectly describe raising children, poop and all.

These are gifs you're definitely going to be texting your partner and parent friends over and over again when words don't quite do the moment justice. Gifs are so expressive, they have become essential to the way we communicate. We use them on social media, make them with programs on our phone, and most of us could have entire conversations using only the animated images. When it comes to raising kids, sometimes you just need the help of Michael Scott or Key and Peele to get the point across in a way that releases the steam just enough so that you don't go into a full meltdown. Because as parents, we are always just this shy of losing it.


So Your Kid Has Colic

Eight months, 11 years, what's the difference? I am pretty sure that I wake up with the vibrations of the earth at this point. It's not pretty. Thank heavens for under eye masks.


The First Time Your Second Child Eats Sand

Well, maybe next time.


Every. Single. Day.

I often want to buy one of those clicker counters, and just hit it each time my kids yell "Mama," just to see the total at the end of the day. I'm guessing it would be eleventy jillion.


If It's The Last Thing We Do

You know when you've lovingly planned an outing, and then your children ruin it by whining or saying "I don't want to go there." Yeah, you've had this exact moment.


Mess In The Kitchen

Who dragged the flour all over the kitchen? Which kid was it? Was it the dog? I don't care, you're all sweeping.



It's everywhere. All the time. In diapers, in your kids' underwear, on the toilet, in every single joke your child makes for several years.


One Can Hope

OK, this is as much for my husband when he takes the kids out to eat or to the grocery store. He's still going to come back with seven different types of tortilla chip.


Narrator Says, They Do Not

You could be speaking ancient Greek sometimes for how much children act like they don't understand.


My What Life?

It happens quickly, there are tiny people outside the locked door, and I smother myself with a pillow, how's yours?



Your child is wearing your bra as alien ears and you're covered in ice cream. Ron Swanson is all of us.


You Know You've Been There

Why. Why are you naked? We're leaving in two minutes.


No. I'm Not.

Don't try me. You can ask 40 times per minute, and I still will say no.


It's Good Enough, Linda

No. It's the summer. I let him run through the sprinklers and called it a bath.


All The Time

Did I take both my kids to the water park alone without snacks? Yes. Do I regret this choice? Of course. Will I do it again? Probably.


No Regrets

I hid three quarters of my kids Halloween candy and ate it myself. Don't lie, so did you.


Oh Crap

You seem to have run out of mac and cheese. It was nice knowing you.


You've Done It

Or iPads, XBoxes, the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes, you just need a break. Thank you, Fortnite. Because of you, I showered and shaved my legs.


I'm Just Faking It

Literally my husband any time he has the kids for the whole day.


It Never Ends

Eight outfits in one day? Thanks for putting them all in the dirty laundry, so now they're actually dirty.


Serve Dinner Five Minutes Late One Time

Never serve dinner late. It doesn't end well. Ever.


When You Wake Up To This

When your kid is standing at the end of your bed staring at you as you sleep. You've screamed when you've woken to this. Admit it.


Talking To The Babysitter

You never know what could happen.


When You Watch Them Sleep

They're the cutest when they're asleep.


When You're Exhausted

It's 3 a.m., you're breastfeeding and watching infomercials. What year is it? Who's the president? You have no idea.


When They Get Out Of A Triple Baby Gate

How. How did you do that?


Oh The Joy

Kids go overnight to the grandparents? You feel this in your soul.


You're Doing It

"No I'm not." Uh huh. You are.


When They Get A Little Big For Their Britches

And honey, you've got a bit before you get there.


After A Particularly Bad Diaper Blowout

Burn it. Throw it in the garbage. Cast it into the pit of Mordor. Whatever. Just get rid of it.


Pretty Sure They're Possessed

When kids get the stomach flu, it's like the scene in The Exorcist.


We Totally Are

Even through all the stress, we are killing it.