31 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Everyday Struggles Of Parents


Have you changed more diapers in the past couple of weeks than you can count on two hands? Did you spend the majority of your night bickering with a 9-year-old? Have you had that annoying theme song of Dora the Explorer stuck in your head for the past three days? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're most definitely a mom, and could probably use a month-long vacation. Or at the very minimum, a 10 minute break. Luckily, we have another installment of hilarious parenting tweets to get you out of your funk.

When you're a parent, each and every day can feel like an uphill battle, especially when convincing your 6-year-old to put on shoes results in an hour-long screaming fit. Raising kids is no doubt a challenge, and sometimes you may feel a bit over your head in laundry, bills, groceries, and of course, diapers. Reading about the woes of other parents, however, can most definitely feel pretty reassuring or, at the very least, give you a well-deserved laugh. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's round-up, brought to you by the most hilarious parents on Twitter who totally understand what you're going through.

1. #True

Couldn't have said it better myself.

2. When Did That Happen?

Truly terrifying.

3. #MomLife

Every. Single. Weekend.

4. Been There, Done That


5. Sad But True

Yet we still love them anyway.

6. Please, Just Take A Nap

I don't blame you.

7. Never Going Back

I would do almost anything.

8. #ParentingGoals

Me as a mom.

9. Sleeping?

Sounds about right.

10. Oh No

Not looking forward to it.

11. Pass The Wine

Gallons and gallons.

12. #MomLife

It's an acquired skill.

13. No, No, No

Sounds like an absolute nightmare.

14. Not Again

Please. Stop. Talking.

15. Thanks?

Your toddler is an absolute savage.

16. Fashionably Late

Spoiler alert: they never can.

17. No Vacation, No Problem

Parenting sure is a blast!

18. #DownWithTwister

Twister is never, ever worth the pain.

19. Breakfast Of Champions

Who is the real winner here?

20. #ToddlerLife


21. Silence Is Golden

It's true.

22. Please?

If only.

23. Why Oh Why

It's a science.

24. Something's Fishy

Sad, but true.

25. #Ugh

Why even bother buying toys?

26. Can't Keep My Hands To Myself

Parenting in a nutshell.

27. #Same

The scariest story there ever was.

28. My Mistake

It was bound to happen eventually.

29. Can We Rewind, Please?

Not one bit.

30. Mom Goals

Parenting done right.

31. Losing My Sanity

When you're a parent, your hands are always full. Metaphorically and literally.