31 Makeup Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making, Until Now


When it's done right, makeup it can accentuate your best features, cover up anything you'd rather not show, and make you look awake and alert even when you're not. But when it's done wrong, makeup can look unnatural and add unnecessary years to your look. You may think you have all of the tools you need to create a flawless face, but there are some makeup mistakes you didn't know you were making that may be keeping you from looking your best.

Makeup trends change all of the time. Colors, techniques, and tools go in and out of style every season. But as you may have already learned, some of the looks you see on the runway and the big screen don't always translate in real life. Even Hollywood A-listers have makeup mishaps from time to time. If you don't have the time or the budget to stay on top of the trends, you should know that there are some best practices that can help you look your best.

If your makeup routine hasn't changed since high school, you may want to take a look at this list to make sure you're committing any serious offenses. From the colors you should avoid to the tools you should use, the list is packed with tips on how to help you put your best face forward on any occasion. And if you are making any of these mistakes with your makeup, don't worry; when it comes to achieving a flawless face, sometimes practice makes perfect.

1Applying Blush In The Wrong Place


Forget everything you learned about applying blush to the apples of your cheek. You don't want to walk around looking like a clown. Instead, Real Simple suggested using the center of your eye as a guide, brush upward along your cheekbone for the best look.

2Keeping Your Makeup In The Bathroom

When the temperatures rise, your natural makeup can end up being less than fresh. According to Redbook, storing your makeup in the refrigerator will prevent it from spoiling, particularly they're made with natural and organic ingredients

3Applying Concealer In A Crescent Shape

Stop making that half moon shape under your eye with your concealer. Cosmopolitan suggested you make a triangular shape under your eye instead, as it will help brighten your eyes.

4Applying Lipstick Without Prepping Your Lips


According to Redbook, pre-moisturizing your lips helps your color last longer. Apply pawpaw ointment or a light facial moisturizer to your lips, and let it set as you prepare the rest of your makeup. It will help you achieve a nice, long-lasting, even coat of color on your lips.

5Using Too Much Lip Liner

Dark, heavy lip liner can make you look a lot older, according to Real Simple. Instead, choose lip liner that either matches your lipstick or is closer to the natural color of your lips.

6Applying Too Many Eye Shadow Colors


Total Beauty noted that you should avoid wearing more than three eye shadow colors at a time on your lids. At most, you should use a medium color on the lid, a lighter shade closer to the brow bone, and a dark color as a liner to create the best look.

7Wearing Too Much Powder

According to HuffPost, too much translucent powder can settle into your facial lines and make your face look white and cakey. Apply light powder only where you need it and, if you have oily skin, be sure to blot first.

8Applying Eyeliner To The Lower Lid Only

Applying eyeliner only to the lower eyelid can drag your face down and make your eyes look even smaller. According to Real Simple, you should apply your eyeliner to both the upper and lower lids, close to the eyelashes. Then smudge gently with a small brush to give your eyes a softer look.

9Penciling In Your Brows


This is a makeup no-no. According to Total Beauty, penciling your eyebrows makes them look unnatural. Try using eyeshadow that matches the color of your hair on your brows for a more natural look.

10Applying Concealer Before Foundation

It may seem logical to apply concealer to the problem areas of your face before your foundation, but you may be doing more harm than good. Cosmopolitan suggested you put your foundation on first, which will lead to much less concealer.

11Wearing Shimmery Eye Shadow

Avoid the temptation to apply eye shadow with shimmer across your entire lid. According to Reader's Digest, the glitter can often find it's way into the creases of your eyelids and draw more attention to any wrinkles you may have. Instead, apply the shimmery shadow to the inner corner of your eyes only.

12Overdoing The Eyebrows

Having well-groomed eyebrows is almost as important as having good makeup. As Total Beauty advised, you should tweeze the overgrown hairs and follow the natural arch of your brows to give them their best shape.

13Wearing Black Eyeliner During The Day


Unless you're a rockstar, black eyeliner during the day can be a bit harsh. According to Total Beauty, it's better to choose a lighter color that will help make your eyes look more awake.

14Choosing The Wrong Color Foundation

Wearing foundation in the wrong shade is not a good look. To make sure you've got the color right, Reader's Digest recommended you test the product on your face rather than your hand. The color should match your skin color even before you blend it in.

15Dabbing On Your Concealer

When trying to conceal a blemish, don't just dab your makeup on top. According to The Zoe Report, you should dab concealer around the entire blemish to allow the product to blend in with the rest of your face.

16Not Curling Your Lashes


If you have short, straight eyelashes, it can make your eyes can look tired. To give them some life, Marie Claire advised you curl your lashes for at least 30 seconds. Then seal the deal with mascara for photo-ready eyes that will get plenty of likes.

17Testing Foundation In The Wrong Light

Don't be fooled by those bright department store lights. According to WebMD, natural light is best when testing foundation When you're at the makeup counter, ask to borrow a hand mirror and try to go near the window, if possible.

18Stretching The Eye When Applying Eyeliner

If you're pulling your eye back when applying your eyeliner, you should stop. Besides increasing your risk of drawing an uneven line, stretching your skin this way can break down the elasticity around the eye, as Redbook mentioned. Use a Post-It to create a DIY stencil that will help you draw the perfect wing.

19Wearing Too Many Metallics


Even if you're getting ready for a special occasion, it is possible to overdo it with metallic makeup. As Allure suggested, when putting on your face, you should choose no more than two features to highlight with metallic makeup.

20Skipping The Scrub

Having soft lips is important to make sure your lipstick goes on smooth and even, particularly if you are wearing a matte or bold lipstick color. As Brit + Co pointed out, it's important to use a lip scrub at least once a week to remove dead skin.

21Pumping Your Mascara Wand In The Tube


You may think that pumping your mascara wand inside of the tube can help you get the right amount. However, as Cosmopolitan mentioned, this action pushes air inside of the tube and can introduce bacteria. It's best to scrape the wand on the inside of the tube and pull it out on an angle.

22Matching Brows To Your Hair Color

Your eyebrows don't have to match your hair color perfectly. If you have light hair, your brows should be a couple of shades darker. Those with dark hair, should opt for brows that are one or two shades lighter, as Women's Health suggested.

23Not Using Primer

Before you begin your makeup routine, you want to make sure you start with the perfect palette. Using primer on your skin before applying your foundation can keep oily skin from looking too shiny, as HuffPost mentioned.

24Choosing Lip Color That Is Too Dark


Dark lip colors can make your lips look smaller. To give the appearance of nice full lips, stay away from the burgundies and browns and opt for a lipstick or gloss in a more vibrant color, according to Oprah. Pinks and vibrant reds are best.

25Using Your Makeup Sponge Dry

Starting with a dry sponge is bad for your makeup routine. According to The Zoe Report, you should dampen your makeup sponge before you use it to help your makeup go on smooth and easier.

26Blending Your Shadow With The Same Brush

One of the easiest ways to ruin your perfect smokey eye is to blend your shadow with the same brush you used to apply. Because the brush already has residual shadow on it, you'll be adding more shadow where you don't need it. Instead, do your blending with a clean, fluffy brush, as Women's Health suggested.

27Using A Flat Brush To Apply Foundation

Forget using that flat brush to apply your foundation. You may be causing streaks in your makeup. As Women's Health recommended, you should apply your foundation with a large duo fibre brush in a circular motion to get the best look.

28Wearing Waterproof Mascara Everyday


Save the waterproof mascara for the beach or your best friend's wedding. As Minq pointed out, ingredients in the product can dry out your luscious lashes. And with all of the effort required to take it off, you may find yourself loosing more lashes than you'd like to.

29Putting Foundation On Your Face Only

When applying your foundation, don't stop at the jawline. Be sure to blend foundation to the neck to create a naturally seamless look, according to Brit + Co.

30Applying Bronzer All Over

You may want to give yourself a sun-kissed look, but don't spread bronzer all over your face. WebMD noted that you should apply around the perimeter of your face, dust across the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and across the chin.

31Curling Lashes After Applying Mascara


Curl your lashes before you apply eyeliner or mascara to achieve a natural-looking curl, as The Everygirl mentioned. Waiting to curl after applying your mascara can result in smudging and leaving kinks in your fresh mascara.