31 Perfect Parenting Tweets From Twitter's Most Hysterical Parents


Parenting a toddler can sometimes feel like a bad dream that you never really wake up from: you suffer through hour-long tantrums, your laundry pile never seems to shrink and despite the copious amounts of coffee you drink, you still feel like you might pass out at any given second. Everything within your reach, including your toddler's hands, the kitchen floor, and even your own clothes feel vaguely sticky, no matter how many hours you spend washing and scrubbing. Worst of all, there's a questionable brown substance on the kitchen floor that might be pudding, but most likely is something far worse. To cheer you up (and help you retain what's left of your sanity), we have for you another week's round-up of hysterical parenting tweets from Twitter's funniest parents.

You might feel like you're at the end of your rope, which is understandable, given you've collectively gotten no more than six hours of sleep the past couple of nights. To remind yourself that being a parent really is the greatest job in the world (and one of the funniest, too), it's best you take a break from the grind to scroll through these priceless tweets we've compiled for you. And when you're done, you might want to finally wipe that weird brown substance off of the kitchen floor.

1DiCaprio Or Da Vinci?

At least you tried.

2Why Else?

There's also an array of granola bar wrappers and a half-eaten pudding cup hidden under the seat.


Who's the real winner here?

4Been There, Done That

I hope you chose Elsa.

5Bathroom Blues

On the bright side, you just might have a future world-famous artist on your hands.


That's what happens after watching eight straight hours of Nick Jr.

7Have A Great Summer, Son

Me as a parent.

8Yes, Yes We Can

I concur.


Your youngest does have a point.

10How Could She?

Are you sure she's really your daughter?


Hell hath no fury like a mom who's craving sugar.

12The Joys Of Summer Camp

At least your laundry load was lighter, though, right?


That pretty much sums it up.

14Please, Please Just Stop

Sounds like a nightmare.


Did you make sure to add in a tantrum mid-song for the full effect?

16No Sleep, No Problem?

Spoiler alert: you won't sleep for the next decade.

17The Start To A Great Day

The littlest of things start to excite you once you become a parent.

18There's Always More Poop

The diapers never, ever end.

19Twice The Drama

And when both aren't crying, they're either fighting or pooping.

20Candyland Conundrum

Board games are no joke.

21Are You Crazy?

I prefer to keep my sanity, thank you.

22Use Your Imagination, Kids

Playdates are overrated.


Marriage is truly about balance.

24Just Horsing Around

Well, she does have a point.

25Coffee Or Sleep?

Unfortunate, but true.

26Please, Not Again

If it's not poop, then it's either a booger or a weird-looking mosquito bite.

27Thanks, But No Thanks

The best birth control out there.

28New Day, No Dignity

Pretty much.


You love your kids, but loving all of their artwork is a little harder.

30Move Over, Trump

I wholeheartedly agree.

31Sound Logic

Socks over mermaids, any day.