31 Priceless Parenting Tweets From Twitter's Funniest Parents


It's a humid July afternoon and you've just spent your entire day in a pee-infested public pool watching your kids belly-flop off the high dive. Why? Because you're a mom, of course. Now that your kids are out of school, your entire summer is dedicated to wiping melted popsicle stains off your kid's cheeks, and you officially have little to no time for yourself. Luckily, to get you through your summertime woes, we have another round-up of this week's funniest parenting tweets for you to sift through.

Your life (and your kids) might sometimes feel like a giant mess of sticky fingers and hour-long tantrums, but these funny Twitter parents totally understand your frustrations and know exactly what you're going through. Nothing tests a mom's patience quite like parenting a kid during the summer, when the weather is hot and the days seem to drag on endlessly. When afternoons spent at the pool feel just a little too long, or your laundry pile just doesn't seem to shrink no matter how how many pairs of mismatched socks you wash, it might make you feel better to remember that there is always a mom out there that is having a day just as difficult as you are.


This pretty much sums up parenting.

2Kindergarten Problems

Like mother, like daughter.

3Not Again

Every. Single. Time.

4Lemonade For Sale

It's better that they learn this lesson now rather than later.

5Thanks, Kid

Your 7-year-old is a savage.


Said every parent ever.

7Safety First

You should be very, very proud.

8Why Oh Why

There's a reason why the theme song of Dora the Explorer has been stuck in your head for a week now.


It's like kids are purposely trying to drive us all crazy.

10Thanks Again

Kids: Raising your self-esteem one day at a time.

11No More Balloons, Please

Balloons truly do more harm than good.


It's a common mistake.

13Crisis Averted

Time well spent.


Sounds great, doesn't it?

15Living The Dream

Probably the most accurate comparison out there.

16How About No

The pool: every parent's nightmare.

17Works Like A Charm

Chilling to the core.

18Thank Heavens

Especially after discovering that my kid drew all over the kitchen walls.

19Lost And Found

They come in handy every once in a while.

20Please Let Me Sleep

Not again.

21Nighttime Drama

What are they thinking?

22Those Were The Days

And then you grow up and all you really get excited about is getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep.


Marriage is thrilling.

24It's True

It's a scientific fact.

25Absolutely Tragic

Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

26Beach Day Blues

Sounds like a blast!



28Never Grow Up

I am so, so sorry.

29Another Day, Another Tantrum

You really can never win with toddlers.

30Sticky Situation

It's an acquired skill.

31Summertime Sadness

Aren't we all?