31 Magical Things You *Need* For Your The Ultimate Unicorn-Themed Party

As far as kids are concerned, their birthday is an excellent chance to celebrate whatever they're most obsessed with at the moment. And with the unicorn trend still going strong, chances are you'll need some ideas for a unicorn themed birthday party sooner or later. Kids (and adults) are absolutely bananas for unicorns. Fortunately, though, planning a birthday party is much easier than trying to capture one of these elusive creatures.

Because unicorns are such a major trend at the moment, you shouldn't have much trouble throwing together a unicorn-themed party. Everything you'll need for your bash, from plates to napkins to dessert choices to games, can now be found with unicorn themes. And the stuff is gorgeous, really: these new designs with elegant pastels and gold foil detail are pretty impressive. Who knew a kid's birthday party could look so chic?

Featuring a mix of great DIY crafts, as well as a variety of awesome unicorn decor available for purchase, this list will help you put together the most magical birthday party of all. From the silly to the sweet, it's all here. With any luck, you and your kid will remember the magic of this special day for years and years to come.


Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

Unicorn foil-pressed children's birthday party invitations (prices vary, minted.)

Alert your guests to the theme with the invitation itself. These are shiny and luxe, but there are tons of unicorn styles to choose from.


DIY Unicorn Balloons

For the most fun party decor ever, check out these cheery balloons. The DIY unicorn balloons from Studio DIY are enhanced with stickers, ribbon, and even a little paint.


Unicorn Emoticon Piñata

Unicorn piñata ($15, Target)

A unicorn filled with candy is sure to make your kid's birthday party beyond magic. This, with its giant eyes and multicolored mane, is pretty much perfect.


DIY Unicorn Horn Headbands

For some enchanted party favors, whip up a bunch of these headbands. The DIY unicorn horn headbands from Creative Green Living will transform your party-going kids into a herd of unicorns.


Fantasy Music Playlist

Every party needs some tunes, and the Fantasy Music & Beautiful Music playlist from Spotify user Derek Fiechter is perfect for your magical bash. It features hours of songs inspired by fairies, elves, and (of course) unicorns.


Unicorn Sparkle Dinner Plates

Unicorn sparkle dinner plates ($4 for 8, Oriental Trading)

Serve up your magical treats on these perfect plates, that are both colorful and on-theme.


Super Cute Origami Unicorns

For a fun and kid-friendly craft, try your hand at origami. The easy origami unicorns from Pink Stripey Socks are adorable and easy to decorate.


DIY Unicorn Strawberry Cake

If you (or a kind friend) has the knack for baking, then consider making this this cake for the party. Rosanna Pansino's unicorn cake lets you show off your piping skills.


Large Unicorn Napkins

Large unicorn napkins ($7, Crate & Barrel)

OK, this is the most adorable party napkin ever produced. These napkins feature some beautiful doodle-like designs and gold foil accents.


Unicorn Magic Ring Toss Game

Unicorn Magic Ring Toss Game ($15, Target)

This game is bound to send your party-goers into fits of laughter. Plays have to get the most rings on their opponent's horn.


Easy Unicorn S’mores Bars

These are the easiest treats to make, ever, and they're destined to be a hit with the kids. The easy unicorn s'mores bars from Meatloaf and Melodrama feature colorful marshmallows and edible glitter for some truly unique eats.


DIY Unicorn Slime

Combine two big kid trends, slime and unicorns, into one great party favor. The DIY unicorn slime from Burlap and Blue is shimmery, sparkly, and oh so squishy.


Sparkling Unicorn Table Cover

Sparkling unicorn table cover ($4, Party City)

It's a simple way to add a little more decor and protect your tables at the same time. A festive table cover is a wise investment for any host.


Gradient Unicorn Cones

These gorgeous desserts only look difficult to make. To learn the secret to these gradient unicorn cones, you'll have to check out Paper & Stitch's instructions. And if you don't have access to a soft serve machine, feel free to take her decorating advice and apply them to a vanilla ice cream scoop.


Rainbow Unicorn Balloon

Rainbow unicorn balloon ($10, Party City)

This dude looks like something straight off a Lisa Frank binder. This oversized unicorn-shaped mylar balloon s a festive piece of decor with a '90s vibe.


Unicorn Party Straws

Unicorn party straws ($3+ for 10, Etsy)

These are beyond adorable. The look like something out of a fairy tale.


Unicorn Paper Cups

Paper unicorn cups ($6, Amazon)

Well, you need something to hold that party punch. These definitely fit the bill.


Colorful Unicorn Light

Colorful unicorn light ($18, Amazon)

For the little extra bit of decor, this novelty lamp is ideal. This one can even go in your kid's room once the party is over.


Sparkling Unicorn Blowouts

Sparkling unicorn blowouts ($4 for 8, Party City)

Noisemakers are fun, but chances are you don't want a party full of kids armed with them. These colorful blowouts are just as entertaining, but they're completely silent. Your fellow parents will thank you.


Unicorn Cutlery Bags

Unicorn cutlery bags ($19+ for 24, Etsy)

How else would you serve the silverware? These pretty cutlery bags also fit the party's theme.


Unicorn Wall Hanging

Unicorn wall hangings ($5, Amazon)

Parties need a bit of sparkle. These garlands provide that little extra touch.


Unicorn Plush DIY

If you're really crafty, then make this guy to serve as a piece of decor. The unicorn plush DIY from A Beautiful Mess is beyond cute.


Inflatable Unicorn Beach Balls

Inflatable unicorn beach balls ($20 for 12, Oriental Trading)

Scatter a dozen of these around the party area and you're all set for decor. These hilarious beach balls are made for fun.


Unicorn And Rainbow Whoopie Pies

Need a different kind of treat for the party? Try out the unicorn and rainbow whoopie pies from Princess Pinky Girl. They involve Funfetti, so you know they'll be great.


Unicorn Party Favor Set

Unicorn party favor set ($18, Amazon)

Get ready to party. The 36-piece party favor set includes a variety of goodies like bracelets, rings, and keychains.


DIY Sparkle Unicorn Horn

For a really big unicorn horn (perhaps reserved for the birthday kid?), look no further. The sparkle unicorn horn from 30 Minute Crafts is fit for a queen.


Glitter Swirl Unicorn Lollipops

Glitter swirl unicorn lollipops ($26 for 12, Melville Candy)

How freaking adorable are these candies? They are fruity-flavored and totally precious. They also come in barley flavor for kids with discerning palates.


DIY Unicorn Costume

Want to make your own unicorn costume from scratch? Check out the DIY unicorn costume video from The House That Lars Built for inspiration.


Unicorn Bubble Favors

Unicorn bubble favors ($2+, Etsy)

Bubbles are almost as magic as unicorns. These bubbles will delight all your guests.


DIY Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

These toppers give you the chance to dress up store-bought or homemade cupcakes in a jiffy. Handmade Charlotte's DIY unicorn cupcake toppers will give your treats a little extra pop.


Unicorn Party Favor Bags

Unicorn party favor bags ($3+, Etsy)

Store all the party favors in these neat little sachets. These bags will give your party-goers an easy way to tote their treats home.

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