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32 Back To School Supplies You Can Get In Target's Dollar Section — No, Seriously

School's right around the corner, which means parents are frantically gathering all the supplies their kids need to start the year of right. I loved back-to-school shopping as a child, and still get a buzz from it now that I'm a parents. Well, expect for having to shell out a sizable amount of money. That's where Target comes into play. There are a number of why finding back to school supplies from Target's dollar section that make tackling a school supply list less daunting. (Plus, there is a Starbucks at Target, which makes fueling your shopping trip a lot easier.)

Although I try (and often fail) to avoid perusing the dollar section at Target, back to school lists give me a legitimate reason to go wild when it comes to buying items that my kids will actually use (and even some that they might not.) To sweeten the deal, Target also has a School List Assist option online that enables you to find your school's supply list. With a list in hand and desire to find the best deals possible at Target, you'll be sure to set your kid of for a successful year. Check out this compilation of back to school finds for $1 or less.


Elmer's Glue Sticks

Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks, $0.99, Target

For your craft activities or back-to-school needs, Elmer's washable glue sticks are an affordable way to get down to business.


up & up Disappearing Glue Sticks

up & up Washable Glue Sticks, $0.94, Target

These disappearing purple glue sticks are a creative and colorful way to check off another school list item. The purple helps kids see where the glue is as they work, but the color disappears when it dries.


up & up Washable Glue

up & up Washable Liquid Glue, $0.94, Target

Everyone needs a basic bottle of glue for school, and up & up washable liquid glue is the perfect go-to for under a dollar.


Elmer's Disappearing Glue

Elmer's Disappearing Glue, $0.99, Target

Elmer's Disappearing Purple Glue is a bright option to help kids see where they're using the glue but dries clear once they're done.


Crayola Crayons

Crayola 8 Pack Crayons, $0.99, Target

These Crayola Magic Potion crayons are a great, themed addition to coloring time and back-to-school supplies. They're also available in Neon Soup, Totally Truckin', and Pink Princess packs as well.


Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola 12-Pack Colored Pencils, $0.97, Target

Coloring with Crayola colored pencils is a fun way to learn and play when heading back to school.


Themed Pocket Folders

2 Pocket Paper Folder, $1.00, Target

Folders are one of the most efficient ways to organize class materials when you head back to school. These paper folders are not just available in Minions but also Marvel, Spider Man, Shopkins, Elena of Alavor, Frozen, and Cars.


Binder Folders

up & up Plastic 2-Pocket Folder, $0.50, Target

These up & up two-pocket folders are perfect to snap into binders and stay organized. They're also available in 10 different colors.


Prong Folders

Paper Portfolio 2-Pocket Prong Folders, $0.49, Target

These paper portfolio folders allow for usage of the folder pockets, but also give you the ability to secure paper using the prongs in the middle.


Yoobi Pocket Folders

Yoobi 2-Pocket Folder, $0.79, Target

The Yoobi pocket folders are perfect for those who like a bold design, bright colors, or some DIY coloring fun.


Yoobi x i am OTHER Printed Paper Folders

Yoobi x i am OTHER Printed Paper Folder, $0.99, Target

If you're a Pharrell Williams fan, this line of i am OTHER folders is presented by him and has some great, bold designs available.


Mead Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks

Mead 1 Subject Spiral Notebook, $1.00, Target

Notebooks are a must-have on just about any back to school list, and Mead spiral notebooks are great, affordable option for those looking for wide-ruled.


Mead College Ruled Spiral Notebooks

MeadCollege Ruled Notebook, $1.00, Target

For back to school lists that require college ruled instead of wide ruled, these Mead poly notebooks are perfect. They also come in several different solid colors.


Norcom Spiral Notebooks

Norcom 1 Subject Spiral Notebook, $0.27, Target

You can grab a few of these Norcom spiral notebooks for under a dollar. They come in five different colors, meaning you can get a different shade of reach subject.


Mead Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks

Mead Wide Ruled Composition Notebook, $1.00, Target

Wide-ruled is the general guideline for most grade school notebooks. The Mead composition notebooks fit that guideline and offer a spiral-less option for easier writing.


Mead College Ruled Composition Notebooks

Mead College Rules Composition Notebook, $0.75, Target

If you're looking for a college ruled version of a non-spiral composition notebook, this one is the perfect choice for less than a dollar.



up & up 5-count Index Dividers, $0.97, Target

You can easily keep your notes organized with these letter index dividers.


Erasable Dividers

Wilson Jones Erasable 5-Tab Dividers, $0.99, Target

These erasable dividers are a great way to stay organized and perfect to reuse if you need to change up your tab labels.


Ruled Index Cards

up & up Ruled Index Cards, $0.84, Target

Whether studying for a test or making notes for a speech, these index cards are a great back to school tool.


Unruled Index Cards

up & up Unruled Index Cards, $0.49, Target

If you prefer index cards without the lines, grab a couple packs of these unruled index cards for under a buck.



BIC 10-count Ballpoint Pens, $0.97, Target

In my experience, pens tend to go missing all the time. So an entire pack of ballpoint pens is a great investment, especially when they're under a dollar.



up & up 8-count Wood Pencils, $0.99, Target

Pencils are a definite must-have for heading back to school. Grab a whole pack of wood pencils for less than a dollar.


Pencil Sharpener

up & up Pencil Sharpener, $0.99, Target

Your child's class may not have a pencil sharpener to they may not want to get up in the middle of class to use it. In those cases, this pencil sharpener is a good thing to have on hand.


Pencil Cap Erasers

up & up 25-count Pencil Cap Erasers, $0.99, Target

When your pencil eraser runs out, these upencil cap erasers are a great replacement.


Smudge-Free Erasers

up & up Smudge-Free Erasers, $0.50, Target

Sometimes the pencil eraser leaves some nasty marks. In that case, these smudge-free erasers are perfect for back to school.


Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser

Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser, $0.99, Target

For students taking art classes or utilizing delicate surfaces, like drafting film, the Magic Rub eraser is a great supply to keep with you.


Yoobi Erasers

Yoobi Eraser, $0.99, Target

If you lean toward pops of color and fun shapes, the Yoobi erasers would be the fun, whacky eraser choice to keep with your school supplies.


Sticky Notes

Post-It Multi-Colored Sticky Notes, $0.99, Target

These Post-It sticky notes are perfect to write down reminders, stick in your child's locker, or make notes in your textbook.


Poster Boards

up & up Neon Color Poster Boards, $0.69, Target

For any school projects or fun signs you might need to make this year, these up & up poster boards are perfect.



Stanley Bostitch Staples, $0.99, Target

These Stanley Bostitch staples are great to stock up on if you're using your own stapler for school work.


Mini Binder Clips

Universal 12-Pack Mini Binder Clips, $0.79, Target

If you have a big project or need to keep binders, paper, folders, and more organized and together, these mini binder clips are the perfect way to do it.


Pencil Box

Sterilite Pencil Box, $0.97, Target

Organize your pencils and any other school supplies you may have with the Sterilite pencil box.